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XLord007 Dec 29, 2016 (edited Dec 29, 2016)

I bought Her Story last year after it won a bunch of awards, but I didn't get around to playing it until last night. I think this game might have the best narrative design of any game I've ever played. I can't recommend it highly enough. Of course, you should know that it's barely a video game as the only interaction is through the search function of a fictional police computer's database, but the nonlinear storytelling is unlike anything I've ever played, and the attention to detail and layered symbolism are second-to-none. It only costs a few dollars and only  takes a couple of hours to experience. Like most story-based games, it's best if you go in knowing as little as possible. After you finish it, I recommend googling some essays that analyze the game to drink in all the stuff you may have missed. It's so worth it.

avatar! Dec 29, 2016

A link or two would be nice...

Jay Dec 30, 2016

It didn't work for me at all but I think that's a possibility that comes with the nature of the game. The information can be revealed and put together in any order and it's kind of random in that searching for words doesn't always have you looking for a specific piece of information. So I found that the narrative had no impact whatsoever and I put stuff together with little more than a shrug of, okay. But I think had I pieced things together in a different order and it suddenly all fell in place, I might have thought the game was superb. It was luck of the draw.

So for me, I found it to be an interesting experiment in letting go of control of a narrative. Story is something that is usually carefully controlled so that big plot points or pieces of info will have maximum impact. This game gave away that control completely. Very interesting but it's also why it failed to work for me on my play through.

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