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Ashley Winchester Jan 30, 2017

Okay, I'm probably going to say something here that's going to get me labeled as a heretic, but I just can't get into this one. Well, not entirely...

I tracked down a copy of the Mini Album that came with the collector's edition because it has "The Gongs of Battle" on it. I absolutely LOVE that battle theme. I'm aware if I had played the game I'd probably be sick of that track by this point.

Is there anyone else that's satisfied with just having this 10 track sampler or, as I would suspect, most probably want/have the full, two disc release?

TerraEpon Jan 30, 2017

Well, BD is one of my favorite game OSTs ever.


Idolores Jan 30, 2017

I've never been happy with any sampler when the full OST was available

XLord007 Feb 11, 2017

Can't speak for the sampler, but the full BD OST is amazing.

FuryofFrog Feb 11, 2017

I gotta echo everyone else here, I could never live with the sample when the OST exists, and that the full Bravely Default OST is most definitely worth it. Its so charming and wonderfully put together. One of the highlights for me has to be the playable character themes, especially Ringabel. That accordion man....

The_Paladin Feb 12, 2017

It was my personal album of the year for 2012 as well.  With something else like Ys Seven the "Selections" album that came with the US release I felt covered the most important tracks.

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