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Adam Corn Feb 24, 2017

Yes it's well into February but I'd feel bad letting 2017 go by without having a talk about our favorite VGM tracks from 2016.

Please feel free to share your five-star, essential-listening, absolutely best-of-the-best game music pieces from the year. I'd also like everyone to include a YouTube, Bandcamp, or Spotify track link as well wherever possible. I know that almost all of you have your favorite tracks in your own local music collection, but by taking the time to find and include a link you'll make it much more likely for other people to enjoy them. Track comments are also entirely welcome, but if it's one or the other please post a link smile

And if someone has already included one of your picks please feel free to quote or post it again to really drive the point home.

Adam Corn Feb 24, 2017

I've heard a lot of solid VGM albums with many enjoyable tracks from the year, but these are the ones I have tagged as five star:

"Apocalysis Noctis" [Final Fantasy XV OST]
Final Fantasy XV OST is my top VGM album of the year not for overall consistency (in which it's lacking) but because its best hour or so is easily the most dramatic of the year. And "Apocalysis Noctis" is the best of its best, an epic orchestral-choral battle theme that belongs among the series classics.

"The Hydraean's Wrath" [Final Fantasy XV OST]
Another adrenaline-pumping orchestral-choral battle theme from FFXV, this one with a great brass fanfare to boot.

"World of Warcraft - Invincible" [The Greatest Video Game Music III: Choral Edition]
A surprising number of excellently arranged, beautifully performed choral pieces can be found on this album. Among the best of them this exquisite version of a classic Warcraft theme.

"Dragon Age Inquisition - Main Theme" [The Greatest Video Game Music III: Choral Edition]
Another exquisite rendition of an already excellent choral theme. Lead vocalist Myrra Malmberg's performance in this track in particular is something special.

"Whisper to the Heart" [I am Setsuna OST]
Possibly the most pretty and poignant piece (particularly the ending) in a very pretty and poignant piano album.

"The Red Thread" [Unravel OST]
The most contemporary piece in this somber, Swedish folk music inspired album is still entirely unique (not to mention moving).

Ramza Feb 24, 2017

I'd need more time to pick 5 specific songs.

But I gotta say, I like your selections, especially on I Am Setsuna. Well played, sir.

Adam Corn Mar 1, 2017

No need to pick five, fewer or more is fine. For that matter feel free to post them as they come to you. More about sharing some great tracks than following any particular procedure.

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