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Adam Corn Mar 23, 2017

I've got a big Europe trip coming up, starting with Portugal in April then probably on to Spain, France, Italy, and Croatia, then perhaps the Netherlands and/or Latvia and Estonia after that. Though after arriving in Portugal it's really all still up in the air big_smile

If there are any STC regulars (either posters or lurkers) who'd like to share a coffee or beer I'd most welcome the company! Feel free to post here or message me directly.

And my Finnish friends from Final Symphony, I will be in touch with you all soon!

jb Mar 23, 2017

What's the occasion? Is it some kind of backpacking / sabbatical thing? Seems like that's a pretty long vacation so just wondering how you're able to float something like that. I know I couldn't, at least not with the way corporate US is structured.

Adam Corn Mar 23, 2017

Yeah, I quit my job in Tokyo and am taking a break to travel and work on some personal projects (hopefully STC included) before finding a new one. Did the same thing four years ago and traveled to Greece, Germany, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest. The debut Final Symphony was actually the catalyst for that whole trip.

jb Mar 25, 2017

Oh that's really cool. Have a good time!

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