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vert1 Apr 5, 2017

The arcade has come back at my mall in full-force. I wish they had an F-Zero AX cabinet, but the selection of titles is still pretty good. If I had to choose right now I'd probably pick Senko No Ronde DUO.

layzee Apr 5, 2017

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 1~5DX. And xDX where x = any number.

Adam Corn Apr 5, 2017

Qbert & Popeye (the two that got me started on gaming as a tyke)
Pac-Man or Ms Pac-Man (infinitely playable classics)
Golden Axe, Street Fighter II Championship Edition, Mortal Kombat II (played the hell out of all of these as a teenager)
Daytona - the whole car-seat, huge-screen shebang (this blew me away at the time, though I wonder how well it'd hold up today)

Ashley Winchester Apr 5, 2017

Okay, I kind of have an admission here. I could name off like 50 fighting game cabinets I'd think would be cool to have but I'd have to pass on all of them because I can't quite play fighters with an arcade joystick set up very well. I'm sure I'd get better with time, but I'd honestly not go through that hassle.

With the above said, I'd honestly rather pick something simplistic yet beautiful like a Pac Man machine.

However, I would like to try/see the arcade version of Star Gladiator, It's kind of pointless because the PS version is so damn close to the original because of the ZN-1 arcade board being close to the PS1 tech, but the music sounds better on the home console - (thank you redbook audio!)

The_Paladin Apr 6, 2017

I'd probably take the newest pop'n music or beatmania however... a machine I haven't seen since it was in my arcade as a kid I wonder if any still exist in working condition; the After Burner cabinet on hydraulics.

Jodo Kast Apr 6, 2017

I'd want Xexex, House of the Dead series, Castlevania: The Arcade (2009), and Super Street Fighter II.

FuryofFrog Apr 6, 2017


Turtles in Time
TMNT The Arcade Game
Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder
Vampire Savior
Super Turbo
3rd Strike
Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa
Alien Vs Predator
Gradius 3
Killer Instinct 2
Neo Geo MVS Cab with
     -Metal Slug 3
     -Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
     -Garou Mark of the Wolves
     -The King of Fighters '98

I am in love with the classic Astro/Blast City Candy cabs. LS-40 and Seimitsu buttons all the way. Also the Vewlix cabs used on SFIV, Blazblue, Tekken 7 are a pure work of art. I still favor the Astro City/Namco Noir layout over the Vewlix one.

Ok. So I posted way too many games but these are on my priority list. Fortunately in my area I have a cabinet seller nearby called TNT Amusements.

Here is the legendary infomercial.

Rrolack Apr 7, 2017


Pedrith Apr 8, 2017

Mine would have to be either Last Blade 1 & 2, or Street Fighter 3.

Jodo Kast Apr 9, 2017

One of my best arcade memories was not related to playing, but at catching the delivery of a cabinet. I was at an Express Mart while I was supposed to be working and I got to watch a guy delivering Street Fighter II Turbo to the store. As he was leaving, I asked him how much it would be to buy it and he said, "If you give me 30 $100 bills right now, it's yours." How I wish I had those 30 $100 bills in my pocket.

XISMZERO Apr 10, 2017

Always wanted a Cruis'n World sit-down machine. I've probably spent the price of one over the course of the late 90s so I should own one already. Other than that, Street Fighter II' Champion Edition or Ultimate MK3. I suppose since these arcade ports are easily available, the demand for Crusin' goes up for me.

On that note, I hope one day somebody can release all three arcade ports of the Cruis'n games for home play. It's clear a working emulator version isn't happening (even 15 years after they showed up in the arcades).

Zane Apr 10, 2017

Mortal Kombat II forever.

Ashley Winchester Apr 11, 2017

Zane wrote:

Mortal Kombat II forever.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I'm torn between MKII and MK3 personally.

I won't pull any punches here. I think MKII is the better game and time piece. MK3 is a rather poor game that's only saved by nostalgia and the fact that it has a combo system. Is the combo system particularly good? No, but the fact that MKII only has juggles is somewhat of a deal-breaker for me.

However, I think the memories of playing the older MK games are more appealing than the games themselves. Love the characters and the lore (up to MK4 where it just got weird) but I don't feel the need to own the carts or discs.

XISMZERO Apr 11, 2017

Zane wrote:

Mortal Kombat II forever.

But you can just play the Saturn version lawl!

Idolores Apr 11, 2017

Initial D or Virtual On. No bloody doubt about it. They'd have to be fixed up though. I haven't seen a functioning Initial D cabinet since 2010 or something

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