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Ashley Winchester Apr 25, 2017

This is  a little of off the cuff, but am I the only one that doesn't like the original Mario Kart? There's something about it that bugs me. Back when I collected games I had a choice between Mario Kart and Mario 64 and I leaped at Mario Kart 64.

raynebc Apr 25, 2017

You're not the only one.  I never played the SNES Mario Kart it during my childhood so I don't see it through nostalgia goggles.  I do remember the N64 one fondly though, my brother and I played the hell out of it.

vert1 Apr 25, 2017

I enjoy it the most, tbh. The smaller tracks that keep the riders close, the classic items, and the coins -- perfection! I enjoy the grand pri more than battle mode in it, which may differ from the norm.

Qui-Gon Joe Apr 25, 2017

I also never really loved the original Mario Kart.  Even as a kid I thought Mode 7 graphics looked terrible - I really only liked 3D once real 3D became a thing, and that's when I started to love Mario Kart (that and four of us could play at the same time vs. just two - the N64 was a godsend to a bunch of nerds in high school who got together every weekend to play games!).

Similarly, I could never get into the GBA Mario Kart for the same reason.

Ashley Winchester Apr 25, 2017

Qui-Gon Joe wrote:

Even as a kid I thought Mode 7 graphics looked terrible...

This. I guess I didn't want to say it out loud, but yeah... the game looks terrible. I even though that back when it came out. Everything looks squished to me and I'm usually far from a graphics whore.

Amazingu Apr 25, 2017

Hah, before Ashley made his first comment, I considered responding by saying this is still by far the best Mario Kart in my opinion, but I didn't want to derail the thread immediately wink

Vert's right though. Super Mario Kart is the best.

Brandon Apr 28, 2017

Honestly, it's the only one I ever really loved. But it's also the only one I ever played with friends, so that's probably a factor there.

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