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vert1 Apr 30, 2017 (edited Apr 30, 2017)
Devilish Soundtrack

Didn't find any discussion on this soundtrack here at STC. This is the best hidden gem in videogame music as far as I am concerned. I'd love to declare it the best soundtrack on Genesis, but I will just write that it's comfortably in the top 5. Reminds me of NON's work on Genesis in a couple parts. What thinketh STC?

Alcahest May 1, 2017 (edited May 1, 2017)

Excellent find! A hidden gem indeed, never heard of it / played the game, thank you!
Another proof, if one was ever needed, that Sakimoto rocks regardless of platform.
Special mentions for Graveyard, Clock Tower, Air Passage & Prairie.
Edit: Nice, it's actually featured on this album, CD4 22-34.

brandonk May 4, 2017

So random, I just started playing this - on a random game selection on Everdrive...amazing music

XLord007 May 22, 2017

Nice find!

The_Paladin May 22, 2017

So they remade the game for DS, but changed the music... unfortunate.

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