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Adam Corn Jun 20, 2017

Any thoughts on this year's E3? Of the big three console platforms, my guess would be that between Mario and Metroid Nintendo "won" the show, at least for someone who is a bit of a Nintendo fan (as neither they nor third parties rarely announce much that aims outside Nintendo's well-established target market anymore). I really hope the 3DS Samus Returns sees a release on Switch as well. I suppose Fire Emblem Warriors would be a pretty big title as well but the badly dubbed uber-cliched anime storytelling just kills it for me.

I get the impression that Sony's presentation underwhelmed, them not announcing much that wasn't already expected, and sticking largely to their established series. And I'll leave the Microsoft analysis to everyone else as I still can't feign interest in the Xbox platform. It will be very interesting to see whose approach pays off for their "pro" consoles though - Sony being first out the gate and with the pricing advantage, or Microsoft with the clear advantage in specs.

As for third-party titles, I can't claim to have seen everything but Anthem certainly seems to be the visual stunner of the show (though it remains to be seen whether it pulls a Watch Dogs in having far less visual splendor in reality). And it's much too early to judge from the cinematic trailer alone but if nothing else Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks to be the most Fifth Element'esque game ever created.

Amazingu Jun 20, 2017 (edited Jun 20, 2017)

It was alright, I guess?

I like how Sony and Nintendo focused on just showing games, and there was no one on stage (well, very briefly maybe) to unleash cringy dialogue on us, so they were the big winners as far as I was concerned.
I quite liked Sony's conference, even if it didn't show many titles we didn't already know about. Undertale being ported to PS4 and Vita was enough of a bombshell for me, and the Shadow of the Colossus remake made my jaw drop.

Nintendo has a very strong formula going on of first just showing games in a Direct, and then having Treehouse play through demos for about an hour each.  Mario Odyssey looks great, even if I think the more open-ended Mario games aren't as good as the other ones. Also, two Metroid games? Yes please.
I'm a huuuuuuuuge Xenoblade fan, so Xenoblade 2 is another shoe-in for me. I hope they'll finally be able to recapture the magic of the first game, because X was very disappointing.

As for Microsoft, literally the only thing I'm interested in are their indies: Ori and Cuphead. Both these games look absolutely gorgeous. I'm not expecting these to come to other consoles, so I may pick up an Xbox One some day just for these games, and the Rare Collection, which I actually already bought, haha.
I have no interest in the Xbox One X though (and what a bloody stupid name it is too), and I can't see it taking Sony's crown at that price point.

Ubisoft's show seems to be the best-received one if I look at Twitter and GAF, even though it didn't do much for me. The new Assassin's Creed looks good, but I find it hard to get excited about these games anymore.
As for Beyond Good and Evil 2, I'll get excited about it once they show some actual in-game footage. We already got a CG trailer 10 years ago, and now we just got a new one, which, admittedly, does look cool (I'd watch it if it were a feature-length film), but I'm not getting my hopes up about the game yet.
I'm also in the camp that thought the F-bombs were a bit unnecessary.

Anthem looks great, and I don't believe for a second the game will look like that when it's released.
In any case, it's a multiplayer shooter so I'll never play it anyway (unless it has enough single player content).

Ashley Winchester Jun 20, 2017

Amazingu wrote:

Also, two Metroid games? Yes please.

I want to play Samus Returns, but I know I won't. I just let some more of my game collection go, some games and consoles if, that tells you anything.

Metroid II was the first Metroid game I played so I'm rather attached to it. Also, I'm probably the only one that DOESN'T care that Mercury Stream are the ones doing Samus Returns, because I thought Mirror of Fate was good for what it was.

Zane Jun 21, 2017

Initial videos of Samus Returns look like a handheld Other M, and I don't have any comment on Prime 4 until I see some gameplay. AMR2 was great, and the whole 360 shooting and melee counter system from SR just doesn't sit well based on the type of Metroid gameplay that I enjoy.

Ashley Winchester Jun 22, 2017

Zane wrote:

and the whole 360 shooting and melee counter system from SR just doesn't sit well based on the type of Metroid gameplay that I enjoy.

Eh, I'll reserve judgement until it comes out. However, I will say that I hope said counter system is better implemented than the QTEs in Mirror of Fate. I think the QTEs were the worst part of that game and I honestly don't believe a handheld game should contain them. I can't count how many times I thought I was going to bust my 3DS smashing buttons.

Pedrith Jun 24, 2017

I really thought that Nintendo was the winner.  I never played Xenoblade but loved the Xenogears/Saga games and am really excited.  I'm sold on Lost Sphear as I loved I am Setsuna.  My only complaint is that evergreen trees are green all year round unless they are dying so hopefully those screenshots are just placeholders.   I am interested in Metroid Prime.  I hope that you don't need to play the first three to get enjoyment out of it.  I'm also curious about the new Mario and Fire Emblem game, but am disappointed that there  was no announcement about an english version of the Secret of Mana collection and very disappointed that there was no information about project Octopath Traveler.

Could careless about the other systems as I have been sold on the switch.

XLord007 Jul 8, 2017

Pedrith wrote:

but am disappointed that there  was no announcement about an english version of the Secret of Mana collection

Agreed. I hope Nintendo or Squenix brings this here. I've wanted an official English release of SD3 for 22 years, and I still want one.

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