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Qui-Gon Joe Jul 23, 2017

Hey all!  Just got back from a long trip to Japan - bought lots of new albums and as I've started listening to them I feel I'll have a bunch to say on here soon!  However, the FIRST thing I want to do is ask some advice of you guys.  After literally 13 years of hemming and hawing and wondering if I should pull the trigger on it, I FINALLY nabbed a copy of the Seiken Densetsu 3 soundtrack (no clue why it took me so long).  Unfortunately when I got home with it, I opened it and the little teeth that hold the CD in place in the middle are all busted out on one side.  Really can't believe the luck - 500 albums in my collection at this point and I've seen broken teeth in maybe one or two other CDs, ever, and of course the one where it happens now has a FREAKING BLUE plastic insert and impossible to replace.  But is it impossible?  Wanted to ask if anyone knows of a source for getting one!  Ideas?  Thanks!

student41269 Jul 24, 2017

Been here a couple of times! I doubt it's possible to get a spare in the exact colour, at least not without ordering 1000 of the things.

First option is a bit of a pain, but those spindle teeth are light enough to be superglued back on fairly successfully, especially if they haven't *fully* broken off yet. Good quality glue, tweezers and a steady hand will get it looking decent again.

Then there's the possibility of this colour tray being used in another, cheaper release, which you could buy and scavenge from.

Ahh, the first world...

Rrolack Jul 25, 2017

To be honest, I would suggest either (1) being on the lookout for another cheap copy of the album on eBay, after which you can sell your copy with the bad tray, or (2) trying to forget about it altogether smile  Though I do realize how difficult (2) is.

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 26, 2017

Ended up finding a copy on Yahoo Auctions that I had a friend nab for 1300 total including shipping.  It doesn't look like it's in the greatest condition overall, but the picture of the inside indicates at least the tray part (on one side?) is good.  Will frankenstein together a good version between the two.  Still annoyed that I probably ended up paying a bit over new price for having to pick up two copies, but whatever.  Thanks for the suggestions, though!  big_smile

The_Paladin Jul 26, 2017

I've made a post in the past about replacing more unique cases before, and which it's not as unique as the blue case of SD3, I still haven't come up with a good solution for some yet.  If my plan to go back to Japan next year holds, I might need to try and find cheap albums I can scavenge just for the case if I can't find new empty replacements for sale.  The double disc ones that have "2D" on them I found on Amazon Japan but it was third party and they wouldn't ship to the US.

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