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Zorbfish Sep 9, 2017

What do you think are some tracks in game soundtracks that everyone associates with the game? If you were to play the track without naming the game you can still get the response "oh, that's from..."

I started thinking about this as I am currently playing through Seiken Densetsu 3 on the Switch collection and when I got to the golden road and "Swivel" kicked in I started thinking about how this is one of those "it" tracks that makes me always think of the game.

Outside of the well known stuff like classic Nintendo games with main themes what stands out to you? I've included a few examples myself.

Opa Opa / Fantasy Zone
The End of the Raging Waves / Etrian Odyssey 3
The Forest Where the Witch Lives / Atelier Iris
Promise / Kanon

Pedrith Sep 12, 2017

The songs for me that represent Chrono Trigger are: Frog's theme, Wind Scene and Corridor's of Time.

For Chrono Cross it's: Time's Scar, Time of the Dreamwatch and Dream of the Shore of Another world

For Megaman it's: Crashman's stage, and the Introduction from Megaman 2

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