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Adam Corn Nov 14, 2017

I'm looking to buy a Bluetooth or wifi wireless speaker and would like to hear everybody's experiences and/or recommendations.

It's for a small single room so I don't necessarily need a multi-room setup or extremely loud output. I'm particularly considering getting an omni-directional speaker like the Libratone Zipp Mini or Bose SoundLink Revolve, though a traditional single-directional speaker that could later be paired with another of the same model for stereo is also an option. I'm targeting the $100-$250 range, and though I'm tempted to go with a wifi setup over Bluetooth to avoid signal compression, at that price point I'm guessing it won't actually make that much of a difference.

Any suggestions tailored to my specific criteria would be great, but feel free to chime in with more general recommendations!

GoldfishX Nov 23, 2017

Audioengine is having a sale for Black Friday. I plan on treating myself to the HD6 powered speakers.

My friend had a pair of one of the smaller speakers for his gaming/media rig and I was impressed by the sound coming out (pretty sure it was the A2). I'm hard pressed to find anything bad about any of their products. So they seem like a safe bet.

It IS Bluetooth, not Wifi though. I'm planning on using my speakers with a dedicated source component (PC and PS4, hooked through a DAC and small preamp). I'm using KRK Rokit monitors now through the same setup, but just looking for something that is a bit more euphonic, easier on the ear. I'll probably move the Rokits to my CRT setup, with my vintage/classic systems.

Adam Corn Nov 25, 2017

I had the Audio Engine A2's both at my previous apartment in Japan as well as my parent's place. I found the bass overwhelming and a bit muddy. One speaker also eventually developed a problem with buzzing/rattling. And I found it annoying that there's no separate power switch - you have to turn the volume all the way to/from the left to turn them on or off, which means your volume setting gets changed every time.

I wound up getting a Libratone Zipp Mini. My current apartment is super small and I haven't had a chance to turn it up very loud yet so I can't give a full analysis, but I'm happy with it so far. The bass is right where it should be, as are in general the other EQ ranges, and everything I've played through it so far sounds good. When I move to someplace bigger I'll seriously consider getting a second one to wirelessly pair in stereo.

The B&O Beoplay A1 was a strong contender as the sound quality between it and the Zipp Mini seemed similar (in a noisy Tokyo electronics shop granted) but it doesn't support either wifi or the Bluetooth aptX codec so I went with the Zipp Mini.

(I should mention that the Amazon link has an STC affiliate tag tagged on, though I imagine it's clear by this point that I'm not making the site for a quick buck.)

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