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XISMZERO Feb 7, 2018 (edited Feb 7, 2018)

Another one of the those bizarre reprint anomalies or is it a new/old stock dump?

Oddly enough, this confirms my suspicion that this game never had a spinecard. Anyone aware of how these were distributed in Japan?

There are quite a few dozen brand-new and sealed copies of 1995's Christmas NiGHTS for Saturn floating around out there on Amazon US/JP and even on eBay for pretty low prices (around $20). I remember sporadically shopping around this game and the used prices were always around $15 since the US version is dumb-dumb expensive.

Then I was surprised to see new copies of a 20+ year old game just pop up somewhat recently... … dition=new

layzee Feb 9, 2018

According ot the Japanese Wikipedia, this game was bundled with Sega Saturn accessories like the Multicontroller, as well as distributed as prizes in various events. In addition, during late 1996 and until early 1997, one could purchase it for 1500 yen via some sort of phone order.

I sold a sealed Christmas Nights recently so I can confirm that it is one of those rare CDs that had no spine card.

Speaking of old stock dumps of sealed stuff, that Secret of Evermore soundtrack from years ago still shows no sign of being sold out. I think everyone who wanted it has by now probably.

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