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TheGazelMinistry Oct 28, 2018

Well, I am interested, but I am not interested in vinyl.

I'll gladly take a CD or digital release.

Judgment Day Oct 30, 2018

Truth be told, I'd rather get the 1987 cartoon score if they ever came out with it. That would be pretty awesome actually.

TheGazelMinistry Nov 3, 2018

As would I, not that I particularly remember any of the music outside of the opening theme song.

FuryofFrog Nov 4, 2018

Maybe this is nostalgia talking here or maybe o have just seen this movie too many times but the soundtrack is fantastic. Watch the rooftop scene again

Or the campfire

There is a lot of moodiness and ambience in the film. I definitely think this soundtrack doesn't get enough credit.

Bonus song from Secret of the Ooze

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