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vert1 Jan 18, 2019 (edited Jan 19, 2019)

Are you impressed? Any thoughts on how mobile music compares to game handheld music? I have listened to a couple of soundtracks from mobile games, and my opinion is as follows:
Fire Emblem Heroes has the best soundtrack I've heard for a mobile game - FEH Music
Girls' Frontline has good selection of space age tunes but no particularly strong tracks - Girls Frontline OST
Kancolle music is iffy. Arranged tracks are top notch though - (1) and (2)
Super Mario Run has music that I can't remember outside of the medley, which is decent, although I was more impressed by how this type of track got incorporated into a game. Edit: Listened to it again today, and I think the music is of good quality. Of interest is how I've read game reviewers complaining about the music in the New Super Mario Bros series while this mobile game hasn't gotten any complaints.

James O Jan 18, 2019

FFRK and Mobius FF have some good stuff.  i'm kinda eh on FFBE but I play none of those games myself.

jb Jan 20, 2019

Mobile game soundtracks have been far and away better than every AAA game in the last 2 years.

Brave Frontier
Brave Exvius
Mobius FF
Elemental Story
Princess Connect Re:Dive
Tagatame no Alchemist
Fire Emblem Heroes

I'm sure I'm missing some.

They have as high a production value as regular AAA Titles but they're not burdened with the idea that it has to be some gigantic overproduced cinematic score (Xenoblade 2, etc.). Back to the basics of game music of simple, catchy melodies and great arrangements, but without the bloat and with better production. What's not to love?

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