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Adam Corn Nov 20, 2019

The producers of Symphonic Fantasies and Final Symphony will bring their latest orchestral concert "Symphonic Memories" to Japan for two shows on December 14. The concert features brand new symphonic suites for Xenogears and Octopath Traveler, along with the Final Fantasy XV suite that debuted in 2018's European Symphonic Memories and the Final Fantasy VIII suite from Final Symphony II.

The concerts will be held near Tokyo in Kawasaki and performed by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eckehard Stier, and for the Xenogears suite feature new contributor Andreas Hedlund as arranger. (No word here yet on who arranges the new Octopath Traveler suite.)

Tickets links and further details (in Japanese) can be found on Square Enix's official Symphonic Memories concert page. As a huge fan of Symphonic Fantasies and having heard none of these suites previously I'm very looking forward to this one! … phony2019/

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