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Pedrith May 13, 2020

They reached their goal to record a full album.  The samples sounded good, but am not familiar with the game or the soundtrack.  I hope it's as good as their first album.

Adam Corn Jun 2, 2021

This album turned out fantastic. It's my favorite of VGM Classics' releases so far and the most beautiful orchestral VGM album I've heard in some time (Viva Pinata OST is the most recent comparable album to come to mind). Highly recommended.

The CD and Bandcamp releases are priced for the Japanese market and rather expensive but it's available on Spotify and other streaming platforms as well. I've added several favorite tracks to the Spotify VGM Orchestral Best playlist (it's a huge playlist so scroll to the end) but the album as a whole is easily good enough to listen to in its entirety.

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