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jb May 24, 2020

A new MOON soundtrack box set is coming out and lucky for us they are accepting international preorders! I posted the translation stuff for the box at VGMdb so if you're interested in that info you can find it there (

The original soundtrack and the original box set are incredibly hard to find and very expensive when they do pop up so for those who weren't lucky enough to get either, this is a great opportunity. The sound probably isn't for everyone but if you like it, go ahead and grab a piece of Japanese RPG history. … 4DF38AEFF5

The_Paladin May 25, 2020

Thanks for the heads up, jb! I'd wanted to get the previous soundtracks, though never did with the high price involved. Even though these are fairly pricey, it's completely worth it in comparison. Jumped on it now before I forget.

Qui-Gon Joe May 25, 2020

Pretty excited about this - preordered!  It's nice to see that we're getting some classic stuff reissued, even if it's more high-end collector-type deals (I'll take paying a premium for a rerelease or something that never even came out before vs. not having it at all)!

TANGENT: Moon is a weird one for me - I've had the Playstation disc sitting around for well over a decade now (found it at a used shop in Japan when I lived there) and told myself it would be the first Japanese game I played once I passed the JLPT2.  Of course as soon as I do, a Switch port and English localization are en route.  Oh well.  The PC Engine Mini inspired me to jump into Tengai Makyou II instead.

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