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XLord007 Jul 27, 2020

This may be a luxury item, but it looks beautiful. I have the Analogue Super NT, and it makes Super NES games look so good on an HDTV with no lag and at the proper aspect ratio (something the SNES Classic can't do). Can't wait to get my hands on their take on portable gaming (but I will have to wait since it doesn't ship until May 2021).

Jodo Kast Jul 29, 2020

I'm considering pre-ordering this, along with the dock. There's no rush, however, as this should have a large production run, due to it also being a development tool.

XLord007 Aug 5, 2020

The first set of pre-orders sold out in 10 minutes. They are promising more pre-orders before the May 2021 ship date.

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