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Idolores Feb 11, 2022

I don't know about the lot of you, but that direct was hype.

Chrono Cross Remaster, Front Mission 1 and 2 remakes (please God, give us Gun Hazard, too), and Live A Live were the highlights. Still really looking forward to Chocobo Racing, but that wasn't in the direct this time. It was also nice to see Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings hit the Switch finally, though I do not use the Nintendo Online thing, and wish it were part of a collection instead along with Mother 3.

What did you all think?

Still waiting with bated breath for Capcom to stop being afraid of my money and give me a Legends Legacy Collection.

Jodo Kast Feb 18, 2022

Hey Idolores, I thought that was one of the best Directs yet, with some really unexpected reveals. I probably won't play the Front Mission remakes, but I might give Live A Live a try a try. Chocobo Racing looks great, but the reveal of another 48 tracks for Mario Kart 8 makes me wonder if I'll have any spare time for another racer.

The Salmon Run for Splatoon 3 looks (and sounds) just like Splatoon 2 to me, so I'm not clear yet what the purpose is behind another Splatoon.

The big one for me, which I expected to see, was Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I recently finished parts 1 and 2, and I'm already making plans to ignore everything else once 3 launches in September.

Aran Feb 20, 2022

They basically doubling the size of Mario Kart 8, like, wow! big_smile

GoldfishX Mar 5, 2022

The Mario Kart 8 news was massive (and basically confirms they're holding off on MK9 for the next generation), Square and their back catalogue showed up to play and I'm happy to see Klonoa swinging back to more modern systems, although I'll probably opt for the PC version because Klonoa in 4K would be drool-worthy. And I'll throw in Capcom's recent Fighting Collection as another BFD (too early to judge SF6).

Part of me is lamenting much in the way of new game announcements, but with my back catalogue in complete ruins and likely to stay that way, it's not the worst thing ever.

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