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Carl Mar 2, 2006 (edited Mar 2, 2006)

It's difficult to find doujins for sale, but mainly the best source is through Yahoo Japan Auctions, or an occasional lucky ebay listing...

I've heard mp3s of 3 of their albums: F-Zero Transmitter, Shooting Battle Arena, and just last week received the Castlevania -Odi et Amo-

That new Dragon Spirit arrange should be sweet, as the original tunes were great.

Carl Feb 18, 2007

*Old Thread Revival*

Magical Trick Society is indeed a high quality arrangement group, which does a great job of capturing and enhancing the original feelings of the source songs.

I've been enjoying the Dragon Spirit ~Lead Into Genesis~ album lately, and it's fantastic stuff.
I hope they can get some official gigs someday.

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