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Dragon God Jan 21, 2006

Has anyone received their copy yet ?  If so, can you please state whether the album is a DVD or an actual CD ? Sites like CD Japan and Play-Asia mentions it is a Region 2 DVD. It would royally suck if Super Sweep has really made it a Region 2 DVD album. And can anyone post impressions on it ?

Harry Jan 22, 2006

According to the box at CDJ, it has the Compact Disc symbol. I'm not sure if that helps, but that's the best I can do.

musicjack Jan 22, 2006

Description at Cocoebiz says:

This album contains the original game sound to the shooting game.
Comes in a DVD type case (5. 1/4 x 7. 1/2 inches) and a DogTag with the charactor's name.

check g rev

型番      SRIN-1026
JAN     4582148000242
価格     2,000円(税込)
形態     12cmCD 1枚組
発売元     株式会社スーパースィープ
発売日     2006年1月13日
※2005年 12月29日より

Dragon God Jan 22, 2006

Ah yes, that does clear things up. If that's the official data from G.Rev, then CDJ amd P-A will have to modify the description to avoid confusing potential buyers. Nothing can distance buyers more than region lockout(Or Copy Protection, but that's another thing).

Assuming most people are aware now that Shinji Hosoe composed for this, anyone has specific expectations towards its music ?

A little aside : Is anyone getting the upcoming Ibara Soundtrack from Cave ? This is another shooter soundtrack from Hosoe. I'm aware VGMWorld has yet to stock it, given it is getting released in about a week, I expect a *small* number of stock for pre-order to pop up in the coming week. The few of us who like rock music should definitely not miss out on this release, it will rock litterally.

Adam Corn Jan 22, 2006

musicjack wrote:

Description at Cocoebiz says:
型番      SRIN-1026
JAN     4582148000242
価格     2,000円(税込)
形態     12cmCD 1枚組
発売元     株式会社スーパースィープ
発売日     2006年1月13日
※2005年 12月29日より

Sweet, I wasn't sure how well non-Western characters would work on the new forums.

日本語でも大丈夫だね。やったー! \(^_^)/

Abrahm Jan 22, 2006

I got my Under Defeat OST Saturday (thanks Kahori).  Yes, it's a music CD packaged in a DVD keepcase, with a dogtag chain as a bonus.

I really like the soundtrack.  It's the melodic, stage/boss music style you'd expect to hear in an old-school shooter or action game.

Datschge Jan 22, 2006

Adam Corn wrote:

Sweet, I wasn't sure how well non-Western characters would work on the new forums.

I'd still suggest you to set charset= to UTF-8 instead iso-8859-1 in the html source. Currently it is up to the browser's encoding and charset autodetection whether it really works or not.

Abrahm Jan 23, 2006

Homan wrote:

Is it "technoïd" as Espgaluda or less?

The music is nothing like the ESPGaluda stuff (thankfully).  It's more of a soft-rock/synth thing and not too flashy or simple.  There are a couple techno-ish tracks, but again, they're not like what you'd hear on the ESPGaluda soundtrack.

There's a sampler MP3 at the G.rev site.  Download it, if you haven't already.

Carl Jan 23, 2006

Under Defeat is a pretty fitting title, you can feel the pressure and weight of the bosses, and this is one of the few shooters where the boss themes are actually cooler than the stage themes.

Stage Tracks feature a bit of the flying-high or 'soaring' feeling with synth & guitars
02 Can't come back (stage1)
04 Toward a mistake (stage2)

Alternated with slower paced tracks with a nice heavy-handed Oppression to them.
10 distance of jet black (boss4)
12 huge dead end (boss5)

Homan Jan 24, 2006

So maybe it can be a good purchase. I thought it'll be some sort of techno music without any "charism".

Dragon God Jan 26, 2006

Oh noes yikes

She couldn't get pre-orders for it...

Knowing how Cave OSTs sell out so quickly, it would be a miracle to have some stock left sad

Gotta stay optimistic, I guess. The first few of us who has seen that will likely be the few lucky ones to experience this release.

Be prayin' for that miracle now.

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