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Ashley Winchester Dec 7, 2007 (edited Dec 7, 2007)

Solon Jhee wrote:

Is there a OST of that awesome psx game? Music game is very recommended too … =SVWC-7054

There's a 1 disc OST for the game, I don't think it has every song on it though. It's out of print but I've seen a few copies float around the boards here for around $20~25 at various points. I'd try using the search feature in the marketplace and see what you come up with.

Personally, outside the battle themes and Dart's Theme I could really leave the rest of the music to the ages.

Bernhardt Dec 7, 2007 (edited Dec 7, 2007)

En mon opinion, all the actually good themes from the game, mostly atmospheric dungeon themes, were left OFF of the soundtrack (the irresponsible bastards!) yet we get such *great* songs as Meru's theme and Dabas's theme. What, they think we LIKE clown music, or something?

Thankfully, they included MOST of the battle themes, along with "Forbidden Land," the theme of the Fallen Angel Capital. Best battle theme was for the Angel City Battles, which they omitted. Some of the town themes were actually decent, too.

Ashley Winchester Dec 7, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

we get such *great* songs as Meru's theme

Should have mentioned this as well... it's surprising how well it works.

Ramza Dec 9, 2007

It has the world map music for each disc.

Disc 2 world map = best song in the game.

The OST also has that vocal track "If You Still Believe." Said song can also be found on some collection of vocal tracks from PlayStation Games. I think it was printed by King Records...? Chudah's should have it listed.


Ashley Winchester Dec 9, 2007

Ramza wrote:

Disc 2 world map = best song in the game.

Actually, if that's the same one I'm thinking of I agree.

Geez, forgot about Meru's theme and this one.

Bernhardt Dec 10, 2007

Again, I thought the map, town, and battle themes were good, but they didn't include very many of the dungeon tracks.

I guess what else was there was good, but...I guess I'm just too blinded by the fact that they omitted too many good pieces for me to look at this album without snarling.

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