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XISMZERO May 14, 2008

Contains six discs of the entire sound library to Afterburner and its multitude of spawn. Seems this one isn't for sale either/anymore because of its low print run at the cusp of Sega Direct's ending.

Question is, did anyone grab it before Sega Direct tanked? I really want that H. track on the last disc. I swear, every arrange they touch is gold.

Carl May 16, 2008

I made the purchase indeed.

When vgm boxsets come out you pretty much have to buy them right away at the release date because most are limited and sell out quickly.  (minus square enix material of ever abundant quantities)

I'll post the track in a bit.

charmed699 May 16, 2008

You made a very worthy purchase there mate as all those cds must be filled with excellent music. I only played the game on the SEGA Ages volume 1 cd that came with my SEGa Saturn but the music was quite fast and catchy to match the gameplay. smile

A shame about SEGA closing down the shop as it makes it easy for people to but expensive prices on ebay like someone has this collection for £100!

XISMZERO May 16, 2008

I should've known you had it Carl smile

I'm simply not a fan of Afterburner to track it down or put it on my want list but it's either get it when it releases or go on YJA and pay a hefty sum.

Carl May 19, 2008

615 AFTER BURNER 20th Anniversary Medley [H.] Arrange Version.mp3
11 MB

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