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Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version


58 minutes total
  1. The Prelude
  2. Red Wings
  3. Kingdom Baron
  4. Theme of Love
  5. Prologue...
  6. Welcome to our Town!
  7. Main Theme to Final Fantasy IV
  8. Fight 1
  9. Fanfare
  10. Hello! Big Chocobo!
  11. Chocobo-chocobo
  12. Into the Darkness
  13. Fight 2
  14. Ring of Bomb
  15. Rydia
  16. Castle Damcyan
  17. Cry in Sorrow
  18. Melody of Lute
  19. Mt. Ordeals
  20. Fabul
  21. Run!
  22. Suspicion
  23. Golbeza Clad in the Dark
  24. Hey, Cid!
  25. Mystic Mysidia
  26. Long Way to Go
  27. Parom & Polom
  28. The Dreadful Fight
  29. The Airship
  30. Troian Beauty
  31. Samba de Chocobo!
  32. Tower of Bab-il
  33. Somewhere in the World...
  34. Land of Dwarves
  35. Giott, the Great King
  36. Dancing Calcobrena
  37. Tower of Zot
  38. Illusionary World
  39. The Big Whale
  40. Another Moon
  41. The Lunarians
  42. Within the Giant
  43. The Final Battle
  44. Epilogue
  • Released Nov 26, 1994 by NTT/Polystar (catalog no. PSCN-5014, retail 2000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


The epic soundtrack that put Square on the map for North Americans.

Reader review by Paul Hoyak

Final Fantasy IV is, in my opinion, tied with Final Fantasy VI as having the greatest video game soundtrack of all time. Anyone who even remotely likes the Final Fantasy video games and anyone who even remotely likes video game music should have this CD. Frankly, I don't even know what the point is of reviewing it! It's a great CD!

The crowning glory of this CD is the "Epilogue". This game has the *leader* of all video game endings - it sets the standard that all video games should follow when creating an ending. The final music (about 11:30 long) is of epic proportions, with the most incredible credit-music since Star Wars. There are certainly other songs that are very very good. "Fight 2", "The Dreadful Fight", and "The Final Battle" are the best battle songs to come out for *any* RPG, much less Square. They are fast and clearly show the excitement and danger of a fight. Many of the songs revolve around the "Main Theme to Final Fantasy IV" (the above ground travel music). "Land of Dwarves" is a variable theme on this, as is "The Final Battle".

All the songs fit the mood of the game perfectly. There is only one problem with this CD - the songs are too short! Way too short! Each song is gone through either once or one-and-a-half times. That is absolutely disgraceful! Just as you're getting into one of the "Fight" songs, it just fades away. Ack! However, it's still very good (and they obviously didn't cut the "Epilogue"). All in all, this CD is one of the best ones to get for any fan of video game music. Get it now!

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