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Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Complete


4 discs, 260 minutes total

Disc 1 (70 minutes)

  1. Opening
  2. Name Entry
  3. Enemy Attack
  4. Suspicion
  5. The Will
  6. Results
  7. Reminiscence
  8. Those Who Work Must Eat
  9. The First Job
  10. The Next Job
  11. Are You Gonna Eat that Carrot?
  12. Escape
  13. A Peaceful Mountain Village
  14. The Great Street Performers
  15. Adventurous Journey
  16. Labyrinth, Penpe 2
  17. A Worthy Foe Appears
  18. Homesickness
  19. Beautiful Morning
  20. March Of The King
  21. Rescue
  22. Reminiscence
  23. Children Playing In The Fields
  24. Massacre
  25. Tension
  26. War
  27. Collapse
  28. Their Star
  29. Days Past

Disc 2 (53 minutes)

  1. Amid The Silence
  2. Let's Climb That Hill
  3. Silent Room
  4. Theme Of Narcissism, Again
  5. Moonlit Night Theme
  6. Reconnaissance Mission
  7. The Confederation Forever
  8. If You Listen Carefully
  9. Ah, Beautiful Dancer
  10. Nahala Yam Koong
  11. Passacaria With Chorus
  12. Praise Be To My Master
  13. Her Sigh
  14. Dandy Richmond
  15. Heart Softening BGM 1
  16. Tactics
  17. Heart-Softening Time
  18. An Old Story

Disc 3 (73 minutes)

  1. Carried On Rippling Waves
  2. Every Day Is A Carnival
  3. We Are Number Wuff
  4. Two Rivers
  5. A Bustling Town
  6. Song Of The Do-Re-Mi Fairies
  7. Song Of The Do-Re-Mi Fairies (Battle Mode)
  8. On A Sunny Day
  9. The Sea Is Vast, Isn't It
  10. A One-Point Match
  11. Rock! Rock!
  12. Striking To Your Hear's Content
  13. Dancing With Karen
  14. Theme of Temptation (Asian Dub Mix)
  15. Bright Curtains, The Cooking Duel
  16. Cooking Choices
  17. One-Minute Showdown
  18. The Tetsujin Appears
  19. Victory
  20. Defeat
  21. Orizzonte
  22. Two Rivers
  23. La Mia Tristezza
  24. Imprisoned Town
  25. Ghost Story
  26. Pursuit
  27. A Prayed To My Mother
  28. Heart-Softening BGM 3
  29. Freedom Again
  30. Even Farther
  31. Young Heroes
  32. Prideful Sarabande
  33. A Man Named Gordeau
  34. Sacrificial Feast
  35. Heart-Softening BGM 2
  36. Ceremony
  37. Disturbance

Disc 4 (64 minutes)

  1. A Song In Praise Of Peace
  2. The Even More Glorious Beautiful Golden City
  3. Gremio's Special Stew
  4. Confrontation With Monsters, Again
  5. Distant Skies
  6. Secret Village Of The Ninja
  7. The Chase
  8. Mad Luka
  9. The Evil One
  10. Withered Earth
  11. The Outskirts Of Tint
  12. Gothic Neclord
  13. Iron Fist Of Anger
  14. Reqiuem Of Grief
  15. Our Banner Flies
  16. The Time For Confrontation
  17. Silver Wolf
  18. Chant
  19. We Will Always Be (Ending March)
  20. La Passione Commuove La Storia
  21. Victory (Staff Roll)
  • Released Dec 23, 1998 by King (catalog no. KICA-7931~34, retail 6000 yen).
  • Package consists of the two double-disc original soundtrack sets. No additional materials over those two sets are included.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Not on par with the original, but great nonetheless.

Reader review by Adam Laatz

I got my four-CD box set of the Suikoden II OST a couple of days ago and I'd have to say it's not as good as the first OST, but if you really liked the Suikoden I OST then it is definitely a worthy purchase. The OST is very good but first let me tell you there are many tracks you'll want to skip, and there are many different versions of some tracks in which the original track wasn't even that good, let alone the different versions. I wish they would have shortened the OST to three CDs instead of four. Also, unlike the Grandia OST, the great music is spread out in each of the two-CD volumes, leaving the people who want to listen to the best of the music on the OST having to buy two expensive double CDs.

Now the good stuff about the OST: there are many versions of Suikoden I's Main Theme which are very pleasing to the ear, and there's other music from the first game (such as some of the town themes, battle themes, Suikoden I remixed tracks, etc.). Some sound very like their originals while others are remixed.

The sound quality isn't as good as in the first game, mostly because they made the game twice as long as the first (leaving less work space for the score). The quality still sounds very good, just not as good as the first. The high points in my opinion are the vocal tracks. The opening track is very powerful as was Suikoden I's, and includes a latin chorus this time, while most of the other vocal tracks in the game are surprisingly enough sung in Italian. There is a very beautiful, however more relaxed version of Suikoden's main theme song sung in Italian, and I just love the end song. It is sung in Italian and is a very moving and beautiful track, one of the best on the OST, even though it is quite short.

If you don't have 55 bucks to spend on the four-CD boxed set I'd hold off, but if you have to chose between the Vol. 1 OST or the Vol.2 OST, I'd go with the 2nd Volume - it arguably has most of the best tracks in the OST. In conclusion, Suikoden II's OST doesn't meet the standards left by Suikoden I's OST (pretty big shoes to fill), but it is still a great achievement. If you have the cash to spend and liked Suikoden I's OST, then by all means, buy Suikoden II's OST. Others might want to hold off right now and wait until they play the game or sample some of the music.

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