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Gradius Arcade Soundtrack



2 discs, 2 minutes total

Disc 1 (1 minutes)

  1. Morning Music
  2. COIN
  3. Beginning of the History
  4. Challenger 1985
  5. Beat Back
  6. Blank Mask
  7. Free Flyer
  8. Mazed Music
  9. Mechanical Globule
  10. Final Attack
  11. Boss
  12. Game Over
  13. Ranking BGM
  14. Title Demo
  15. COIN
  16. Equipment
  17. Tabidachi
  18. A Shooting Star
  19. Burning Heat
  20. Synthetic Life
  21. Crystal World
  22. A Way Out of the Difficulty
  23. The Old Stone Age 1 & 2
  24. Maximum Speed
  25. Gradius Boss Theme
  26. Salamander Boss Theme
  27. Fire Dragon
  28. Into Hostile Ship
  29. Shoot and Shoot
  30. The Final Enemy
  31. Take Care!
  32. Game Over
  33. Ranking BGM
  34. Farewell
  35. Demo Movie
  36. Select
  37. Ending
  38. Hope & Joy Peace & Love (Gradius)
  39. Farewell (Gradius II)
  40. Maximum Speed (Gradius II)
  41. Gradius Medley (Gradius)
  42. Medley (Gradius Generation)
  43. Challenger 1985 (Gradius)
  44. Dead End Cell (Gradius III)

Disc 2 (1 minutes)

  1. COIN
  2. Prelude of Legend
  3. Invitation
  4. Departure for Space
  5. Try to Star
  6. Sand Storm
  7. Aqua Illusion
  8. In the Wind
  9. Underground
  10. High Speed Demension
  11. Easter Stone
  12. Dead End Cell
  13. Fire Scramble
  14. Cosmo Plant
  15. Crystal Labyrinth
  16. Mechanical Base
  17. Final Shot
  18. Escape to Freedom
  19. Boss
  20. Dark Force
  21. Game Over
  22. King of Kings
  23. Congratulations
  24. Return to Star
  25. A Long Time Ago
  26. Gradius~Salamander
  27. Coin
  28. Demo BGM
  29. Select BGM
  30. Apollon
  31. Feiton
  32. Hydra
  33. Demeter
  34. Oceanus
  35. Chronos
  36. Hades
  37. Uranus
  38. Hera
  39. Dupon
  40. Boss BGM 1
  41. Boss BGM 2
  42. Prometheus
  43. Athena
  44. Titans
  45. Game Over
  46. Ranking BGM
  47. Gaia
  48. Demo Movie 1
  49. Demo Movie 2
  50. Select
  • Released Apr 24, 2002 by Konami Music Entertaiment Inc. (catalog no. KMCA-155~156, retail 3800 yen).
  • D1 Tracks 1-13 from Gradius, D1 Tracks 14-34 from Gradius II, D1 Tracks 35-37 from Gradius Deluxe Pack, D1 Tracks 38-44 arranges, D2 Tracks 1-26 from Gradius III, D2 Tracks 27-47 from Gradius IV, D2 Tracks 48-50 from PS2 Gradius III & IV
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Gradius OSTs plus some arrangements.

Reader review by Juha Laukkanen

This is a CD collection from every Gradius arcade game.

First I thought that two CDs definitely not be good for all four games - that many tracks would be too short, and so some of them are.

First the original Gradius. Indeed this one has simple music and the tracks aren't looped many times, and are short. But I would've liked to hear some tunes looped more.

Gradius II tracks are very much the same as on the very extinct CD "Space Odyssey Gradius 2 ~ Gofer's Ambition". Tracks are short and are looped twice. The sound is very sharp but don't have as much echo as on Konami Game Music Collection Vol.1 where tunes are on "dolby mode".

Gradius Deluxe Pack was released in the late nineties on Playstation in Japan only. The three tracks from it are cool, and make me want to play the Playstation version of Gradius I & II.

The last seven tracks on Disc 1 are arrangements. The quality of arrangements has some spirit of old Konami Kukeiha Club stuff.

Gradius III on disc 2 is like candy in a box. The tunes are "tune per track", and not merged tracks like on Gradius III OST. The length of tracks is the same as on the out of print Gradius III OST.

The low point of Gradius Arcade Soundtrack is definitely Gradius IV. The tracks are cut from the length of those in Gradius IV Fukkatsu OST. The tunes are looped just twice, and are indeed short compared to Gradius IV Fukkatsu OST.

Last three tracks on disc 2 are taken from Gradius III & IV on Playstation 2. It is a cool bonus to have them in the CD.

The inlay booklet contains sheet music from some tunes. Also there are some liner notes that I would like to read translated.

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack is a must-buy for any Gradius fan who doesn't own the rare OST CDs from games. I think the Gradius IV part is almost useless. So if that would been dropped out, and then the tunes from Gradius I-III would have been looped some more, Gradius Arcade Soundtrack would been then perfect.

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