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Baku Bomberman Original Soundtrack - The Baku Bomb!



43 minutes total
  1. Advertise
  2. Opening
  3. Stage Select
  4. Stage Intro.
  5. Green Garden
  6. Blue Resort
  7. Red Mountain
  8. White Ice
  9. Black City
  10. Rainbow Palace
  11. Continue
  12. Stage Clear
  13. Boss Intro. I
  14. Masker
  15. Sirius I
  16. Boss Intro. II
  17. Boss Battle
  18. Boss Intro. III
  19. Altaile I
  20. Altaile II
  21. Terror
  22. Sirius II
  23. Sirius III
  24. Boss Clear
  25. Fanfare
  26. Staff Roll
  27. Battle Select
  28. Battle
  29. Hurry
  30. Winner
  31. Draw
  32. Time Up
  33. Victory
  • Released Oct 25, 1997 by Kitty Records (catalog no. KTCR-1456, retail 2500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Enjoyable and tuneful, although sometimes repetitive and occasionally annoying.

Reader review by Jon Turner

Say hello to Bomberman's first N64 score. I myself am not an avid Bomberman fan at all, but I got a blast (no pun intended) out of this soundtrack. The music on here is perky and bright, but don't expect anything outstanding about this score. The major drawback about this score is that all of the tracks, while having themes of their own, are underscored by different repetitive motifs, and they go on and on and on enough to give you a headache. That's not to say that this music isn't entertaining; there are some pleasant tracks like "Green Garden" (a bright musical walk through a garden) and "White Ice", but even they have their share of annoyingly repetitive motifs as well.

The battle themes are some major letdowns. There is not even a theme in any of the boss battle tracks, just dissonant, annoying cacophonies. Finally, the "Altaile" battle tracks aren't furious enough, considering that this is the final boss of the game. (Isn't the last boss of the game supposed to have the most awesome music in the whole game?) The battle mode theme is the only battle theme that stands out. There are two versions of this repetitious but bouncy track. The original version, "Battle", is a moderately slow but furious piece of bossanova music. The other version, "Hurry", on the other hand, is really, really fast!

All its flaws aside, Baku Bomberman Original Soundtrack is an above average album. It's not anything ground breaking, but it is what it is - bouncy, pleasant, and acceptable.

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