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Bomberman Hero Original Soundtrack


  • Jun Chiki Chikuma (composition, performance)
  • Yoshiko Matsuda (performance - track 19)


47 minutes total
  1. foehn
  2. supplement
  3. redial
  4. monogenic
  5. oropharynx
  6. cell
  7. dessert
  8. realtor
  9. fatidic
  10. wok
  11. mimesis
  12. tripod
  13. spiral
  14. landlord
  15. zip
  16. milky
  17. beak
  18. ooze
  19. loom
  • Released Jun 1, 1998 by NTT Publishing (catalog no. PSCN-5066, retail 2100 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Somebody! Please end our misery and bomb this unmelodic techno mess!

Reader review by Jon Turner

It's not often that I really slam-dunk a game soundtrack, but out of all the game soundtrack CDs I have reviewed so far, Bomberman Hero Original Soundtrack is the worst of them all. I thought that the music would be good, but I should have paid attention to the critical reviews.

Bomberman Hero is a complete mess. There's barely music on this album, but rather a noisy mess of techno and dissonance. Never once does the music completely come together, nor completely harmonize. There's not even a hummable theme! None of the tracks are distinguishable, they simply sound the same, even with different "tones" for each one (although I would hardly go *that* far). It's bad enough that Bomberman Hero does not have anything memorable about it. But to make matters worse, it is completely irritating to listen to. It continues playing those blasted noises over, and over, and over, and over again, enough to give one a blasting headache. There's not even a moment of relief when the tracks change (there's no pause in between, the tracks just "blend" into each other throughout the album).

The soundtrack is really that bombastic and irritating. And this is supposed to be for Bomberman! I'm sure he would like to bomb this music. It's a complete disgrace for him.

When the last track finally came up, a peaceful sounding melody, I was, for a moment, relieved. But then my happy feelings disappeared as the track imediately followed in the same footsteps as the previous ones. In other words, it failed to pull itself together as a piece of music, or anything.

My suggestion - skip this obnoxious piece of musical mess.

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