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Konami GM Hits Factory II


52 minutes total
  1. In the Wind (Gradius III)
  2. Hit and Away(Gradius III)
  3. Legend (Gradius III))
  4. Beginning (Castlevania 3)
  5. Vampire Killer~Live~
  6. Thunder Landing (A-JAX)
  7. Deathbed-Hotter than Hell (A-JAX)
  8. Dive Bomber-Deadline (A-JAX)
  9. Congratulations (A-JAX)
  10. Skywalker (?)
  11. Final Command A-JAX (A-JAX)
  12. Cross Fire(Salamander 1 and 2)
  13. Farewell (Gradius II)
  • Released Oct 21, 1993 by King (catalog no. KICA-1131, retail 2800 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Old-school Konami tunes upgraded, but only marginally so.

Reader review by Daniel Lopez

When I started listening to this disc, I had already been spoiled several times over by the Konami Battle the Best disc and was, for some reason, expecting something along those lines - screeching guitars, throbbing baselines, and unrelenting drums. That was my mistake. As this disc's music was done in the "grade up" style, where higher-grade synthesizers and some live instruments are used to reproduce original game songs, it couldn't really be expected to live up to the standards set by the Battle series. But once you accept it for what it is, Konami GM Hits Factory can be found to have its own unique strengths.

The disc starts out with a strong version of "In the Wind", the theme for the first half of Gradius III's third stage. This is a prime example of the grade-up method done right. There are solid drum effects, and the guitar is real (I think). It has not been fully orchestrated (or Metallica-ized), so it still maintains some of that "gamey" feeling, but it's still highly listenable. The same goes for the other two Gradius III songs, "Hit and Away" and "Legend", but doubly so for Legend. Its arrangement shucks the speedy action-oriented form of the original for one that emphasizes the majesty of the melody. While it may not stir you to start saying the pledge or anything, it is still very powerful, in a calm, quiet way.

The Dracula (Castlevania) tracks are good, although rather underwhelming. The grade-up here was done a little too literally, and some of the weaknesses of the original songs manifest themselves - sometimes painfully. This is especially true halfway through the live version of "Vampire Killer", which is actually more of a medly of the music from the very first Dracula game. These songs, like many on the disc, have a way of growing on you, though, and you may find yourself listening to them more than you might have thought.

Definitely the weakest parts of the disc are the A-Jax tracks. The synths used on these songs seem to be of lower grade than those used on the rest of the CD, and the melodies they play are rather plain. These songs retain too much of the gamey feel, and it cheapens the effect of the grade-up. Even on the new mix track, "Final Command", there are spots where the music almost says out loud, "I came from a late-'80s/early-'90s Japanese game, hear me roar."

The last game to be given a cover by this disc is Salamander, known as LifeForce stateside. Time was not very kind to these tracks either, but nostalgia may cause you to play them regularly. The grade-up itself was fine, sometimes exceptional, but not quite enough to make up for the dated songs.

In the end, this CD is a worthwhile buy if you like your arrangements graded up, or if you are a real fan of classic Konami game music. Otherwise, you may want to look to the Battle Series for something of a more dramatic change. If you want some rewarding listening that you almost have to study to truly appreciate, though, Konami GM Hits Factory II will keep you busy for quite a while.

Konami's second 'Factory' is a hands-down winner!

Reader review by Tom Strickland

Konami Game Hits Factory II is yet another excellent CD in the line of Konami music CDs. It contains thirteen tracks of completely arranged tunes from their classic games including Gradius 3, Castlevania, and Salamander (Life Force). The arrangements on this disc are quite different from the Battle series, and they're also very, very good! Most are synthesized to perfection, while some have real instruments such as guitars or a piano.

The first three tracks are my favorite and they all come from Gradius III for the SNES (also released as an arcade game in Japan). Anyone who played Gradius III for SNES and enjoyed the music simply must hear these songs. I could fill up this entire review just talking about those first three tracks. I believe that all the songs on this CD were taken from various other Konami music CDs because these first three tracks originally appeared as bonus arranged tracks on the Gradius III original soundtrack (KICA-1001).

Tracks 4 and 5 come from the Castlevania series. "Beginning" is nice, but "Vampire Killer Live" is truly something special. It is the only live, non-orchestral game music I have ever heard. Believe me when I say that it is very cool to hear classic Castlevania tunes being played on stage in front of a live audience. Tracks 6-10 are themes from a Konami shooting game called A-JAX which was never released in the states. For this reason they do tend to lack in nostalgic value, but are still composed very well. Track 12 will be recognized by anyone who played the classic NES game Life Force (Salamander in Japan). This is a mix of several songs from the game including the first level, and the classic boss music.

All in all, this CD is a great buy for anyone who knows Konami game music. I have absolutely no negative things to say about this CD at all. It still remains as one of my favorites.

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