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Original Soundtracks from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time



35 minutes total
  1. Title Theme
  2. House
  3. Shop
  4. Boss Battle
  5. Hyrule Field Main Theme
  6. Market
  7. Hyrule Castle Courtyard
  8. Ocarina "Zelda's Lullaby"
  9. Ocarina Of Time
  10. Ocarina "Epona's Song"
  11. Lon Lon Ranch
  12. Ocarina "Sun's Song"
  13. Ocarina "Saria's Song"
  14. Zora's Domain
  15. Ocarina "Song Of Time"
  16. Ocarina "Song Of Storms"
  17. Minuet Of Woods
  18. Bolero Of Fire
  19. Serenade Of Water
  20. Nocturne Of Shadow
  21. Prelude Of Light
  22. Requiem Of Spirit
  23. Ganondorf Battle
  24. Last Battle
  • Released Oct 1998 by BD&A (retail $10).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Not bad. Not bad at all!

Reader review by Kenneth Locke

This is a good "greatest hits" type album; it has 24 songs from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Some of my favorites include the frantic tracks, such as "Boss Battle" or either of the two Ganondorf songs. But my favorite is the nicely lengthy "Hyrule Field Main Theme". It's over five minutes long, and throughout the whole song, it gets quite varied. It starts out with an adventurous theme, then about two minutes into the track it builds up suspense, followed by a number of hard piano strikes. It eventually becomes really calm, then finishes up with a minute's worth of the adventurous theme again. Tracks 23 and 24 aren't half-bad, either. "Ganondorf Battle" is fast paced, giving the feeling of a somewhat difficult brawl with the King of Evil. And then "Last Battle" finishes the whole CD up with a spooky theme of a dreary chorus. The CD is an awesome "greatest hits" album, and you would certainly love it if you're a fan of the more popular Zelda 64 music, but not the majority of the game's music.

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