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Parodius: Forever With Me


63 minutes total
  1. Prologue - Space Age 0094 (Opening BGM)
  2. Paradius Talk Show On Live! (Title BGM)
  3. It's The Menu! (Option Menu BGM)
  4. Who Should I Pick? (Character Selection BGM)
  5. Big Viper & Lord British's Theme
  6. I Remember That! - Disco Mix (That's The Way - 1st Stage BGM)
  7. Mirror Ball Forever (1st Boss BGM, A)
  8. Judy, My Love (Being Seduced - 1st Boss BGM, B)
  9. Takohiko & Beriel's Theme
  10. The Tokimeki People's Dance (2nd Stage BGM)
  11. Huge! (Hikaru & Akane's Reprise - 2nd Boss BGM)
  12. Twinbee & Winbee's Theme
  13. Cherish The Blue Skies Given To Us (3rd Stage BGM, A) (from Bach's 'Boxcar Minuet No. 40')
  14. Wolverine (3rd Stage BGM, B)
  15. Common, Sexy, Busty Bee (3rd Boss BGM) (from Twinbee Yahoo!)
  16. Mr. Pen & Miss Flower's Theme
  17. Let's Go, Goemon's On His Way (4th Stage BGM) (from Goemon)
  18. It's Goemon Impact! (4th Stage BGM) (from Goemon 2)
  19. That Guy And This Guy's Theme
  20. The Biscuit Waltz (from Saty Je Veux, Debussy's 'Arabesk')
  21. Please Kiss Me, Macchan (5th Boss BGM) (from Gradius 2)
  22. Upa & Lupa's Theme
  23. Hyper Patrol Man (6th Stage BGM) (from Lethal Enforcers)
  24. Kitty Train (6th Boss BGM)
  25. John Robi Flies Away (from Rimsky Korsakov's 'Flight Of The Bumblebee')
  26. Isn't This A Little Dangerous...? (Accident BGM)
  27. Dracula's Theme (from Monster Castle Special's 'I Am Dracula')
  28. Super Service! (7th Stage BGM) (from Gradius)
  29. Onjiro's Garden (7th Boss BGM) (from Combat Puzzle Ball)
  30. A Small Rest (7th Town BGM)
  31. The Fighting Penclaw!? (7th Boss, A) (from Combat Puzzle Ball)
  32. Let's Play With The Shogun! (7th Boss, B) (from Combat Puzzle Ball)
  33. Sue & Mina's Theme
  34. Ran & Mike's Theme
  35. Wanna Continue? (Continue BGM)
  36. Please Relax (Name Entry/Ranking BGM)
  37. Let's Go To The Last Air Combat! (8th Stage BGM, A) (from Gradius 3)
  38. It's Fiesta Time!! (8th Stage BGM, B) (from Gradius 3)
  39. Swim, Mr. Goldfish! Swish! Swish! (8th Stage BGM, C)
  40. Summertime Tension (8th Stage BGM, D) (from Gradius 3)
  41. Dance, For We Are All Stupid! (8th Stage, E) (from Gradius 2)
  42. Over The Octopus (8th And Final Boss BGM) (from Gradius)
  43. The Octopus Yaki Of Illusion (Ending BGM)
  44. Adolescent Paradius (Staff Roll)
  45. Days Of The Dream's Colors (The Tokimeki People's Dance - Vocal Version)
  46. Dinner's Next Door.... Charge!! (1st Stage BGM, Extra)
  47. P.1 Grand Prin (2nd Stage BGM, Extra)
  • Released Dec 21, 1996 by Konami (catalog no. KICA-7730, retail 2200 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Parodius has somewhat lost its charisma in this one.

Reader review by Aaron Lau

Forever With Me continues the long standing series "Parodius". This one has a noticeably different type of sound than the other games. While it does retain the tradition of classical and Gradius action arrangements, this one also focuses on a number of Konami's other games. Expanding the aspect of parodying to wider level, Konami has chosen from titles such as "Combat Puzzle Ball", "Goemon/Mystical Ninja", "Twinbee" and even "Lethal Enforcers". Doesn't this sound a tad cheap? Mixing a lot of older title songs, as well as repeating several returning Parodius tracks certainly sounds like a lot of compensation. The entire soundtrack, in fact, sounds like a complete rehash. However, Konami does manage to pull it off fairly well.

As I've mentioned, Konami uses several music tracks from their other games. One very familiar one is "Let's Go, Goemon's On His Way", which combines Japanese quirkiness with a Ventures-style back drop beat. Anyone who's played the Goemon series of games will surely remember "It's Goemon Impact!" which is the battle taking place in the huge Goemon robot. There's also "I Am Dracula" from the Demon Castle series, a jazzy, upbeat song that's most reminiscent to the Kid Dracula series of games. Of course, there are still Gradius tracks, now with several more, such as "Let's Go To The Last Air Combat!", "It's Fiesta Time!", and the ever-familiar Las Vegas-style melody of "Dance, For We Are All Stupid!". There's also that well-known last boss melody that's in both "Super Service!" and "Over The Octopus".

Parodius has always been about classical music remixes, and, really, that's the primary reason why I buy these soundtracks. At first, I wasn't really pleased with the selections in this one. There is "Cherish The Blue Skies Given To Us", which is probably the most familiar and coolest sounding of all of them. Based on Bach's ever famous "Boxcar Minuet No. 40", this song was certainly my favorite at first. After that, there's "The Biscuit Waltz" taken from Debussey and "Dinner's Next Door...Charge!" taken from Beethoven. And of course, there is the frequently used "Flight of The Bumblebee Theme" from Korsakov. Seemingly always tucked away somewhere in every Parodius game, this time it's in a futuristic, techno-like form. Yow!

Original songs are few and far between, but the ones that are there are quite good. "A Small Rest" has a catchy meringue type melody. "Adolescent Parodius" sounds just perfect for a staff roll theme, with strong, march-like overtones. "Mirror Ball Forever" has a very cool techno-pop'ish feel to it.

You really have to play the game to fully appreciate the concept of this soundtrack. I honestly think that this Parodius has strayed somewhat from its extreme, wacky theme. There is now a more versatile, almost serious atmosphere, and I can certainly appreciate that. There's only so much you can do with the idea, anyway. It's a new experience, and it's also good to see that the flavor of Parodius is in there. Still, I think it lacks a lot of the charisma and energy of the older titles. If you're a newcomer, I'd recommend Gokujou Parodius or Sexy Parodius first. At the end, you'll see that "Forever With Me" is more or less of a rehash of those, and I'm not so sure it's really worth purchasing.

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