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Rockman: The Power Battle


51 minutes total
  1. Title
  2. Player Select
  3. Stage Select (Rockman 1~2)
  4. Stage Starting
  5. Stage 1
  6. Stage 2
  7. Stage 3
  8. Stage Select
  9. Stage 4
  10. Stage 5
  11. Stage 6
  12. Stage Clear
  13. You Got New Weapon
  14. Stage Select
  15. Stage 7
  16. Stage 8
  17. Stage 9
  18. Stage 10
  19. Stage 11
  20. Stage 12
  21. Stage 12 (from 'Makai')
  22. Vs. Wily
  23. Stage Wily Boss
  24. Stage Wily Machine
  25. Stage Wily Capsule
  26. Continue
  27. Game Over
  28. Ending - Rockman 1
  29. Ending - Ending Forte
  30. Ending - Blues
  31. Ending - Rockman 2
  32. S.E. Collection
  33. Voice Collection
  • Released Dec 1, 1995 by Sony Records Japan (catalog no. SRCL-3451, retail 2000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Similar to Power Fighters in sound and content.

Reader review by Robert Estel

When I received this CD, I was hoping to hear more good Rockman (Megaman in the US) music in the same style of The Power Fighters. While the style is the same, which is jazzed up synth music, the content is similar too. So similar in fact, that two-thirds of the music here appears on The Power Fighters! I had been prepared for a few tracks to be the same, but I was a bit unhappy about it.

The endings are all the same, as well as a majority of the stage music. There are the stage selects from Rockman 1~2, which sound more like 2 to me, and 3~6, which sound like 3 to me. A few new stage music tracks help, but the more catchy and familiar stage music's are not here, such as Air Man, Wily's Castle, etc. In the end, unless you are a serious Rockman/Megaman fan, or a collector, I recommend just sticking with Power Fighters instead, as it has most of the music on this disc, plus more.

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