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Shining Force III Original Soundtrack



55 minutes total
  1. Shining Force Medley (6:50)
  2. Force: To Arms! (5:09)
  3. A Light to Lead the Way (5:45)
  4. Strive Against the Dark (1:39)
  5. Bulzome Rising (4:38)
  6. Traveler's Respite (5:48)
  7. Tides of History (5:22)
  8. Force on the Move (4:25)
  9. Sanctity (5:15)
  10. The Lever to Move the World (5:25)
  11. Scenario 1 Opening (1:35)
  12. Scenario 2 Opening (1:20)
  13. Scenario 3 Opening (1:34)
  • Released Nov 26, 1998 by EMI/Futureland (catalog no. TYCY-10003, retail 2854 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Lackluster music from an epic game.

Reader review by Adam Edwards

The three chapters of Shining Force III combine to form perhaps the best ever strategy-RPG. Cutting-edge graphics on the Saturn and an intense 120-hour storyline with huge, epic battles, of which America missed out on two-thirds of (only the first chapter came out here). Unfortunately, I doubt you will hear anyone praising the game's music and therefore it is no surprise that the OST will leave you feeling flat.

That doesn't mean that there are no tracks worth noting. "Tides of History" has a slow, calm flute and piano with the occasional smashing of drums somewhat reminiscent of Ys. But others, like "Bulzome Rising", are horrendous. I mean much worse than listening to Ys' Dark Tower theme looped over and over and over. Granted it is a boss theme and there are a few electric guitar notes at the beginning that make it sound promising, but most of it is such haphazard '80s electronica combined with horror movie oddities (however good that may sound in theory), that you just wonder who let this pass the final cut. "Sanctity" is probably the second best track. It's hard to describe but feels like sort of a passive orchestral sound with electronic undercurrents ending with some classic bell tolls. It leads nicely into the intro of the next track, which is probably the most upbeat of the whole CD, leading with guitar first.

Overall, keep in mind that this is a huge strategy-RPG and that the music has to loop for a long, long time. And that is what you get out of this soundtrack. Something you wouldn't mind leaving on in the background for quite a while but having only a few truly emotional and memorable moments. Right now I have to consider whether to put it on eBay or not. While this won't be the most-played of any collection, if you find it for under $15, that's a bargain for any game music.

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