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Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version



2 discs, 103 minutes total

Disc 1 (51 minutes)

  1. Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure
  2. Let's Try (Kondo)
  3. In The Flower Garden (Kondo)
  4. Koopa Castle (First Time)
  5. Fight Against Koopa (Kondo)
  6. The Sword Descends And The Stars Scatter
  7. Super Pipe House (Kondo)
  8. Where Am I Going?
  9. The Road Is Full Of Dangers
  10. Fight Against Monsters
  11. Victory!!
  12. Hello, Happy Kingdom
  13. Explanation!
  14. A New Partner
  15. Still, The Road Is Full Of Dangers
  16. Invincible Star (Kondo)
  17. Fight Against A Somewhat Stronger Monster
  18. Here's Some Weapons!
  19. Fight Against An Armed Boss
  20. Got A Star Piece
  21. The Dungeon Is Full Of Monsters
  22. Let's Go Down The Wine River
  23. Grandpa And The Delightful Tadpoles
  24. Shock!
  25. Sad Song
  26. Let's Play 'Geno' (Kondo)
  27. Geno Awakens
  28. Beware The Forest's Mushrooms
  29. Rose Town
  30. From Inside The Earthen Pipe (Kondo)
  31. Welcome! Yo'ster Island!!
  32. Let's Race
  33. Hard-Working Moles Are Good Moles
  34. Docaty Mountain Railroad
  35. Welcome To Bukki Tower
  36. And My Name's Bukki
  37. Long Long Ago... (Kondo)
  38. Heart Beating A Little Faster (Kondo)
  39. Slope

Disc 2 (52 minutes)

  1. The Merry Mary Bell Rings
  2. Celebrational
  3. The Starlight's Flower
  4. Sunken Ship
  5. Going Shopping in Ripple Town
  6. My Paradise -Monstro Town-
  7. Fight Against Culex (Uematsu)
  8. Victory Over Culex (Uematsu)
  9. Conversation With Culex (Uematsu)
  10. You And Toadofski Create Exquisite Music
  11. Let's Do The Fooka-Fooka! (Fluff Fluff)
  12. Margarie Margarita
  13. Dodo's Coming!!
  14. Barrel Volcano
  15. The Axem Rangers Drop In (Kondo)
  16. Koopa Castle (Second Time) (Kondo)
  17. Weapons Factory
  18. Fight Against Kajidoh
  19. Fight Against Kajidoh, Who Likes Transforming
  20. Goodbye Geno/Seeing Dreams Through The Window Of The Stars
  21. Happy Parade, Delightful Parade/And the Parade Draws to a Close...
  22. The End! (Kondo)
  • Released Mar 25, 1996 by NTT (catalog no. PSCN-5047~8, retail 2800 yen).
  • Tracks originally composed by Koji Kondo or Nobuo Uematsu for the Mario and Final Fantasy series are arranged by Yoko Shimomura. All other tracks composed by Yoko Shimomura.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Better music than in Super Mario 64!

Reader review by Kenneth Locke

This two-disc set is one of my favorites in my collection. The first song, "Tanoshii Boken Yukai Na Boken" ("Happy Adventure Pleasant Adventure"), is a catchy three-and-a-half-minute mix of several songs found in the game. Track 5 is a fast-paced version of the Bowser battle song from Super Mario Brothers 3. The ninth and tenth tracks are happy, upbeat, and great. Track 19 is just about the best theme in the whole game. It plays whenever you fight a particularily difficult boss, and it conveys a real sense of intensity of how tough the battle is. "Docaty Mountain Railroad" is fast-paced country music. Usually I despise country-style music, but this is a rare exception, because it's just such a good song. "Long Long Ago" should definitely bring back memories, it is the original 8-bit music from Super Mario Brothers! More treats are on disc 2, including track 7, which is from Final Fantasy, and track 15, which is a more upbeat version of the underground theme from Super Mario Brothers. With such tracks as these and most of the others, I just can't describe how great this album is words.

A combination of Mario and Squaresoft music, with stirring results.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

In every Mario game that I played, there was always wonderful, hummable music to accompany me as I crushed those Koopas down to size. This CD set is no exception. "Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars" was such an incredible game, and the music, wonderfully composed by Yoko Shimomura along with a few familiar tunes by Koji Kondo of the classic Mario games and Nobuo Uematsu of the riveting Final Fantasy series, perfectly matches the humor and excitement of the videogame. One track I especially love is track 39 on the first disc. The tune's fast paced rhythm reminded me of something like Offenbach's Can-Can music, only a little faster. In fact, I love all of the tracks, especially the last six tracks on disc two. The finale, track 21, is excellent, and worth bouncing too. If there is any negative in this album, it may be that the track title labelings are too overdramatic and sound like they could be in a "Secret of Mana" album. All in all, this CD is a must-have to anyone's videogame music collection, especially if you're a Mario fan. Oh, by the way, there are three familiar "Final Fantasy" tracks on Disc 2, so Final Fantasy fans will get a kick out of this box as well.

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