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Nights: Journey of Dreams Original Soundtrack

"A superb synth soundtrack, though a bit tedious before takeoff." Highly Recommended


3 discs, 191 minutes total

Disc 1 (65 minutes)

  1. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
  2. Solitude
  3. Eloquent Echo
  4. Drifting Donbalon
  5. Eloquent Echo: Fluffy Catch
  6. Eloquent Echo: River Rescue
  7. Drifting Donbalon: Hard Ver.
  8. Wandering Wildness
  9. Cackling Chamelan
  10. Wandering Wildness: Bomb Panic
  11. Wandering Wildness: Coaster Rescue
  12. Cackling Chamelan: Hard Ver.
  13. Dreams Dreams
  14. NiGHTS And Reala
  15. Electrical Entertainment
  16. Clashing Cerberus
  17. Electrical Entertainment: Neon City Battle
  18. Electrical Entertainment: Broadway Guide
  19. Clashing Cerberus: Hard Ver.
  20. Growing Wings
  21. Persona Non Grata
  22. D'Force Master
  23. Win a Goat
  24. Dreams Dreams: Will Ver.

Disc 2 (66 minutes)

  1. Dreams Dreams: Adult Ver.
  2. Conscience
  3. Sweeping Seashore
  4. Giant Girania
  5. Sweeping Seashore: Aqua Challenge
  6. Sweeping Seashore: Marine Escape
  7. Giant Girania: Hard Ver.
  8. Crystal Choir
  9. Bony Bomamba
  10. Crystal Choir: Labyrinth Guide
  11. Crystal Choir: Jewel Fever
  12. Bony Bomamba: Hard Ver.
  13. Merry Memory Go Round
  14. Queen Bella's Ball
  15. Merry Memory Go Round: Forest Adventure
  16. Dreams Dreams: Sky Concert
  17. Queen Bella's Ball: Hard Ver.
  18. Cruising Together
  19. NiGHTS And Reala: Theme of a Tragedic Revenge
  20. Sonatinas for Two Violins
  21. Applause
  22. Dreams Dreams: Helen Ver.
  23. On the Way Back
  24. Memento of NiGHTS
  25. Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow
  26. Fragmented NiGHTS

Disc 3 (60 minutes)

  1. Dreams Dreams: Kids Ver.
  2. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Short Ver.)
  3. Gate of Your Dream
  4. Encounter
  5. When the Night Falls
  6. Sweeping Seashore: In Daylight
  7. Cowardly Custard
  8. Catch Me If You Can
  9. Duel in Dream
  10. Al-Di-La: Lavender Ver.
  11. Reala Returns
  12. Peaceful Moment
  13. Al-Di-La: Sandal Wood Ver.
  14. Bad News
  15. Twist of Fate
  16. Al-Di-La: Peppermint Ver.
  17. Captive
  18. Suspicion
  19. Belief
  20. Al-Di-La: Bergamot Ver.
  21. Precious Orgel
  22. Sentimental Separation
  23. Thank You NiGHTS
  24. Dreams Dreams: Located Link Mix
  25. Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow (instrumental)
  26. Dreams Dreams (instrumental)
  • Released Jan 16, 2008 by Wave Master (catalog no. WWCE-31153~5, retail 3800 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A superb synth soundtrack, though a bit tedious before takeoff.

Highly Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn (2008-05-08)

Nights ~Journey of Dreams~ Original Soundtrack is a worthy follow-up to the classic original, offering a healthy dose of nostalgic reprises and a wealth of new compositions boasting the energetic, positive sound the series is known for.

Unfortunately none of this is apparent at first, as the first disc is full of simplistic, childish pieces that try capturing the innocence of the Nights universe but with only a few exceptions offer little of the energy or complexity of the first game's soundtrack. The main culprit is the lead synth instrumentation, which reminds me of the cheap Casio keyboards I would fiddle with at the local Sears store as a child. Even tracks like "Eloquent Echo" and "Drifting Donbalon", which boast enjoyable melodies and diverse instrumental accompaniment, are hurt by the hokey lead instrumentation.

Fortunately once disc 1 is over the real Nights sequel begins, one that offers the same combination of innocent cheer, energetic melodies, and complex instrumentation as the Saturn classic. Each game world in Journey of Dreams has a common musical theme that is shared among its various BGM tracks, and the true joy of the soundtrack is hearing the creative and sometimes quite contrasting forms these arrangements take. "Sweeping Seashore" for example is a bit on the childish side in its bouncy original form, but its "Marine Escape" arrangement turns the theme completely on its head in an insidious sounding jazz-funk rendition. "Crystal Choir" is gold in every form it takes, with its namesake synth-tinged choir being peaceful and uplifting in one version yet rousing and hyperactive in another. The star of the soundtrack though is the "Al-Di-La" suite, which boasts creative, varied synth work and an infectious vocal lead melody. Even when the "Peppermint Vers." threatens to overdo the theme with its simple intro, the onset of some lights breakbeats and electronic filter effects, followed by the faultless lead vocal, redeem the arrangement to make a perfect four for four.

Accompanying the level BGM tracks for each world are two arrangements of each boss theme - a normal version and a "hard" version. The boss themes are typically funkier and indeed harder than their counterparts, but as in the original Nights the great charm of the soundtrack remains in its stage themes.

No Nights soundtrack would be complete without the saccharin sweet "Dreams Dreams" vocal theme. Previous Nights soundtracks are renowned (notorious?) for their inclusion of numerous different versions of the theme, and the trend continues here with the various instrumental and vocal arrangements totaling almost an hour's worth of material. Notable among them are the poppy but nostalgic "Adult Version", which sounds identical to the one in the original Nights, the string-happy "Cruising Together", and the chipper "Located Link Mix". The only clear cases of overkill are the three versions featuring children's vocals, which are significantly inferior to the adult vocal versions and vary only slightly with each other.

Along with "Dreams Dreams" there are a few other selections from the original Nights. "Growing Wings" offers an upbeat arrangement of the main theme, the character select music "Gate of Your Dream" mixes a myriad of synth sounds and children's speech samples ("Hello?"), and the level clear music "Peaceful Moment" adds a relaxing acoustic guitar to the synth mix. Length-wise these tracks comprise only a minuscule amount of the soundtrack, but they make welcome, nostalgic additions.

Hearing the Nights sound renewed so successfully after a ten year absence is unexpected but oh so sweet. The mediocre first disc is a disappointment, but it's compensated by two discs of energetic, diverse synth music that is gamey in all the right ways.

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