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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Original Soundtrack

"Synthy, melodic, old-school game music with just the right modern touch." Highly Recommended

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  • Kenneth C M Young (composition)


77 minutes total
  1. ASTROnomical [4:13]
  2. 12 Bar BOT [2:37]
  3. Tite Mites (Crystal Cave) [3:30]
  4. Tan Tradicional [2:08]
  5. Bite It (Gorilla Boss) [2:23]
  6. Discotree [3:39]
  7. Follow Me (Into The Storm) [3:58]
  8. Hatch A Plan (Bird Boss) [2:23]
  9. What Was That? (Scary Cave) [3:28]
  10. Off The Rails [2:07]
  11. A Fire In Your Mind [3:47]
  12. Sucka (Octopus Boss) [2:23]
  13. Seeking Shade [1:55]
  14. Polyethylene Paradise [3:21]
  15. Inside The Whale (Fishy Cave) [4:05]
  16. Cool Fin (Shark Boss) [1:59]
  17. Decidedly Spooky [3:55]
  18. Ninja Bots (Remix) [4:14]
  19. 12 Bar BOT (Funfair Remix) [2:33]
  20. All Tied Up (Spider Boss) [2:22]
  21. Come On Then (Alien Boss) [4:28]
  22. Let's Do This [2:11]
  23. Balloon Mini Game [1:12]
  24. Stage Clear [1:13]
  25. Happy Ever After [3:44]
  26. I am ASTRO BOT [2:42]
  • Released Jan 30, 2019 by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (retail 1800 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Synthy, melodic, old-school game music with just the right modern touch.

Highly Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn (updated 2022-07-25)

Kenneth Young's original soundtrack for the PSVR platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission is melodic, old-school game music goodness with a sparkly new finish. On very first listen I found myself not only bobbing my head like a happy fool to the upbeat melodies but also humming them incessantly when it was all over. Matching those upbeat melodies are crisp synths that give classic game synth just the right modern touch, along with extra accompaniment ranging from uplifting electric guitar in tracks like "Follow Me (Into the Storm)" to playfully spooky sampled orchestra in "What Was That? (Scary Cave)" to an irresistible bass groove in "Discotree". Then "I Am Astro Bot" finishes it all off with one last round of synth and guitar joined by playful robo-voices in an uber-catchy melody. It's almost the perfect soundtrack to kick off an action-platformer series with.

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