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Red HamsterX Aug 5, 2007

Kenology wrote:

Sorry, I wasn't sure you'd be able to view them if I had.  Previous post edited.

I can see it just fine. The problem is that the browsers I have to use in some locations don't render colours, so the text looks completely normal to me, which has led to some unfortunate spoilers in the past.

Follow-up to 6: Recall that, when it forced its way into the chamber, the reason Milly thought she could stop it was because her body was largely made up of machina -- her body would act as a break in the flow. There was no mention or reason to believe that she would be vapourized or anything, just that she'd be horribly electrocuted and dead.

Guillo may have been designed -- or it might have been a property of the magic that animated it -- so that its head was able to function independently from the rest of its body, allowing sufficient isolation.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the eyes only lit up because light hit them a certain way and displaying Guillo's head was just Milly and Sagi's way of paying tribute.

7:  If memory serves, it was just him being driven to madness by the fact that, despite his elite status, he kept losing to a common fighter like Sagi. I don't recall any other motivating factors in his character development.

It probably had some significance on the fact that he led the group, along with Ayme, to kill Georg and Kalas's brother, sparking the hatred in the first game.

I'm guessing he was secretly after some of Georg's research, as well as searching for a way to become stronger through use of the powers of the End Magnus (but my memory of the exact conversation at the lava caves is a bit fuzzy, so all I can remember is that some sort of dark secret was disclosed there).

Of course, all of these events (Savyna's raid, Georg's murder, other stuff) conveniently took place around the same time between the two games, so as I've been saying, these are probably all hooks left for the possibility of a third game. (A possibility that I hope was strengthened when Nintendo bought Monolith after localizing BK:O)

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