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xanadujin Apr 18, 2007 (edited Apr 18, 2007)

YES.  There is a god.

Tomoko Sasaki recently announced in her monthly radio show 月いちトモコサン ( that she plans to re-issue her ポロリ青春名曲アルバム (Porori Seishun-Meikyoku) Album!  ...  Um yeah, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's an album that came out back in 2003, comprising many of the songs used in Roomania Porori Seishun for PS2, which were composed mainly by Sasaki herself.  So you know it must be good.  Here are a couple links of its original release. … ori_cd.htm … dtrack.htm

It came out in extremely limited quantities and became scarce before anyone knew it actually existed.  Needless to say, I've been dying to hear it for ages.  Sasaki says she's currently trying to think of a nice bonus item to include for all the people who have waited all this time, and hopes to have it out in May or June through Sega Direct, which may be a problem for people outside of Japan to order, but perhaps Kahori will be be able to stock some.

At any rate, I'm a happy man.  And I'm sure at least Nightsb will be happy to hear this news as well, eh? ^^

- Justin Pfeiffer

P.S.  In case you also have no idea who Tomoko Sasaki is either, she was one of the forerunners of Sonic Team's sound department, Wavemaster, and composed the soundtracks for games such as Ristar, Nights, and Space Channel 5.  She created the Radio DC series with Naofumi Hataya (of Sonic CD fame), and after the revival of Roomania#203, she created a spin-off vocal album series called Serani Poji, which spanned several albums and kicked serious ass.  As of late, she's been doing various small works for anime and a couple DS games.  Let's hope she comes back to the gaming world soon!

Drakken Apr 19, 2007

Woo! NiGHTS was good, and Ristar is one of my favorites, so I'm really looking forward to hearing this. Thanks for the news!

NightsB Apr 23, 2007

thanks for this news, man. this disc has some keiichi sugiyama and hideki abe on it in addition to sasaki and hataya.

also everyone watch this:

wavemaster (actually sega's sound department, not just sonicteam's wink) had a big hand in the creation of this game. you can tell by the sock puppet and visuals here that sasaki herself definitely had a lot to do with the design. and you can see serani poji posters in the background of some of the game's scenes. poji  music was also used a lot in the game itself, like spiral da-hi! in the game's opening and where's the smiley during the credits. really nice music.

i really miss radio dc sad that was such a good program. i'm still hoping for a reprint of the second radio dc album because it's the only one i'm missing. i'd like to hear that roommania radio collection album too.

xanadujin Apr 24, 2007

Actually, I wish I hadn't just watched that.  It was in fact worse than the Ichigo video included on the DVD that came with the last Serani Poji album.  I love Sasaki's music, but her videos are embarrassing.

And yes, one of Sega's sound teams.  However, Wavemaster had closest ties and was born from Sonic Team's music department.

- Justin

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