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Cain Highwind Apr 1, 2008

Just came across this:

At first I thought there was actually a vocal album I didn't know about. I know Fan remixes are common, but you don't see too many that are vocal, especially of this caliber.

The link above has translated lyrics, but the original authors YT page is here:

He's got several other songs from Dragon Quest, Mother, and the like, my favorite one I noticed right away, Flash Man from MM2, my favorite MM song ever!

Vaeran Apr 1, 2008

I can't believe this wasn't a Rickroll.

Who knew Barbariccia was a lesbian?

Cain Highwind May 20, 2008

I thought I'd bump this back up as Hyadain's really starting to gain steam with popularity on both Nico Video and Youtube.

He actually has fans that regularly release subtitled versions, even ones with alternate and humorous visuals. Like someone just did with his FFIV song I linked before.

The same guy also did it with his Super Mario World song

What I didn't know at the time I first posted this, is that the one guy does ALL the vocals even the female parts using a voice filter.

You'll certainly never see Mega Man 2 in quite the same way ever again:

So you're really doing a disservice if you haven't checked out his stuff yet.

XLord007 May 20, 2008

Cain Highwind wrote:

So you're really doing a disservice if you haven't checked out his stuff yet.

Seriously.  The subs are great too.  Thanks for linking them.

James O May 21, 2008

I really like the newer updated version of the FFIV Elemental vid.  That was good stuff.

allyourbaseare May 21, 2008

The FFIV vid reminded me just how good that soundtrack was.  Now I'm off to find a "better" version of the SNES OSV with the songs looped twice (maybe even three times!)

Great find.

Carl May 21, 2008

Great stuff, it's so much easier to love these when they have subtitles.

Megavolt Jul 14, 2008

Ha ha, that's great.  I remember that FFIV's dreadful fight was one of the first that I was very fond of in my early VGM fan days.  FFIV has a great score even though it gets overshadowed by the *ridiculously* great FFVI score.  I'm still a fan of this track and many others like Troian Beauty.  Uematsu was a beast on the SNES.

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