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Ashley Winchester Nov 8, 2014

The_Paladin wrote:

Still trying to convince myself that despite early games'  sound being messed up so it won't replace the old 1~6 box, that the PSX 4, 5, 6 and a fixed 7 soundtrack make the box worth it... but can't see paying full price for that.

To be honest, unless you really like 7 I wouldn't bite.

Ashley Winchester Nov 14, 2014

Ashley Winchester wrote:
absuplendous wrote:

The set is also said to have "partial selections" of soundtracks.

Source: … x-of-rocks

I'm just gonna smile and tell myself it's gonna be okay.

Actually, the more I think about this whole chunk of info, maybe it's just Capcom running some hardcore CYA in case a problem pops up during the ripping process.

Just in case no one saw that the track listing for this was posted, yeah the "partial selections" thing appears to have been a case of CYA like I thought. The soundtracks looked complete to me.

Ashley Winchester Dec 19, 2014 (edited Dec 19, 2014)

Got this today. Looks like we now know all three Mega Man & Bass composers and who wrote what... which is great, because I want to know who wrote King's Castle.

Ashley Winchester Dec 21, 2014 (edited Dec 21, 2014)

any word in the third Mega Man & Bass composer? I can't really translate in without any help...

Despite some saying other wise I think it is Toshihiko Horiyama

Adam Corn Dec 21, 2014

If you search for a Japanese artist's name on VGMdb, on his or her profile page it should have the name in kanji.  Then it's just a matter of checking if the kanji match.  Here's Horiyama's (堀山 俊彦):

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