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Kirin Lemon Sep 3, 2007 (edited Sep 3, 2007)

Zane wrote:
Ramza wrote:

I'm not saying the game was bad, but can you name *worse* things that happened to the series? Worse than Fusion?

This thread.

Oh snap!

Kenology sorta beat me to addressing Ramza's complaints already.  I completely agree with him on the X-parasite thing, and I thought the idea was fresh and introduced a neat new gameplay mechanic.  As for the evil Samus clone, Ramza negated his own complaint - this idea was done before Prime 2 were released, chronology is irrelevant.  Story has always been secondary to gameplay for me in Metroid games, so Samus' computer was a non-issue.  And finally, if they want to shake up the status quo and give a little depth to the Galactic Federation, I'm not going to stop them.

Back to Prime 3 for a second, I really can't wait to get my copy just to hear the new Phendrana mix!

allyourbaseare Sep 4, 2007

Zane wrote:
Ramza wrote:

I'm not saying the game was bad, but can you name *worse* things that happened to the series? Worse than Fusion?

This thread.

Zing!!  Didn't this sort of thing happen at the "Console Wars" thread?  Some people like Fusion, others don't.  Don't think that this thread is going to change their opinion...

for the record, fusion was a decent game.  No real exploring like Super, but a good game for the GBA.

Kirin Lemon Sep 5, 2007

Arcubalis wrote:

Almost at 50%, time for my next entry!  There are about... 5-6 new songs so far.  I've been recording all the main tracks I've encountered.

Since everyone wanted to hear the ice piece so much, I figured I'd link to it here:


Hrm, a little less melodic and a little more atmospheric than I was hoping for, but still nice.  I'm sure it works fine within the context of the environment.

Stephen Sep 6, 2007

It's interesting that the soundtrack gallery only features a few tracks that can be unlocked, but these appear to be the melodic tracks.

Zane Sep 13, 2007

Ah, thanks for that recording, man. Elysia SkyTown and the Bryyo Ice Area themes are fantastic.

Arcubalis Sep 13, 2007

Yeah, I hope more people pick out other tracks they like.  I haven't really talked to people about what they think of the score.  It's so much more ambient than previous outings, although SkyTown and Bryyo Cliffside are a throwback to the old style of Metroid Prime.

My personal favorites are "Metroid," "Bryyo Fiery Boss," and "Pirate Home World," which is an arrangement of Crateria from Super Metroid.  I was trying to figure out of "G.F.S. Valhalla" was an arrangement of "Wrecked Ship" from Super Metroid, but it sounds like it just might be a stylistic reference, just like the Bryyo Ice.

Kenology Sep 13, 2007

The first throwback I heard (after the title screen) was in Samus' ship at the very beginning of the game... remnants of "Theme of Super Metroid". 

It always adds to the appeal of Nintendo franchise games in that I'm always keeping an ear out for little musical easter eggs here and there.

Kenology Sep 17, 2007

Arcubalis wrote:

Should I do something like this for Mario Galaxy?  Anyone?

Yes, you should.

Jockolantern Sep 21, 2007

Arcubalis wrote:

Haha, maybe I need to go back and play this game.  I remember liking it when I played it, but since then it has sort of faded into obscurity in my mind.  No lasting appeal, I guess.

As far as Metroid Prime 3, has anyone played it much?  It seems like they're trying to do a lot of mainstream things like having other characters, talking NPCs, and a more linear style of gameplay, but I'm not really digging it as much as the other Prime games.  The continuity is sort of gone because you're flying around to different places and such.

I'm really, really digging Prime 3 and one of the reasons why is how much it has deviated from the norm of what we're used to in the Metroid world and yet still feels very much a part of the story thus far.  What NPC interaction exists is pretty well limited to the first 20-30 minutes of the game and little else; from there on, you're completely on your own and it certainly feels like it.  The atmosphere is just as creepy, the design just as beautiful and exotic.  And the feeling of being completely alone is still very, very much intact.  Kenji Yamamoto's stellar music certainly helps that along, as it always has.  It may not be the most pleasing music to listen to apart from the game, but the man knows exactly how to enhance atmosphere and setting in-game.

And if we're gonna' talk about weak links... I'm looking no further than Hunters (pointless beyond the multiplayer; the controls are pretty sketchy) and Pinball (a side-game that has no real purpose).  The original Metroid hasn't aged well by comparison to the rest of them, but for its time it was absolutely stunning and with it a new genre and style of gameplay was born... so let's give credit where credit's due.  And it's still an immensely challenging game and tricky to navigate, but that by no means disqualifies it as being an all-time great.  I have a personal attachment to Metroid II, so I'll refrain from commenting on it... I adore it for absolutely no other reason than how many times I played through it and beat it as a kid, in the car, on vacation.  I looked forward to playing through that one over and over again.

The Prime series has proven that Metroid can translate perfectly into 3D if done correctly and Retro has only improved with each game.  The controls on Corruption are amazing... everything I could've dreamed of and more.  The Wii was built to be experienced in such a way.  The game itself has a strong finishing to the Prime story and, as has already been said, who's playing the Metroid series for an in-depth story?  I'm sure as shoot not!  Metroid has always been about the thrill of exploration, first and foremost, and the Prime games have stayed 100% true to that formula.  The planet hopping I find enjoyable, the action is consistently thrilling... that's all I ask out of a new Metroid game.

It's games like Prime 3 that solidify my reasoning of qualifying Metroid the greatest game series of all time... a view I held the instant I was done playing the excellent first Prime game and the equally great Fusion (haters be damned).  I hope Retro continues to make more games in the series (from the ending of Prime 3, I've no doubt they will) and continue what has made the franchise so successful.  By staying true to the integrity and character of the original games, Retro has proven the statement "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" works like a dream once adhered to.


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