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SonicPanda Aug 6, 2011

August 6 (or what's left of it, anyway) marks the 25th anniversary of the Japanese launch of the original Metroid, and by the looks of things Nintendo isn't doing squat to promote it, even as they do backflips by comparison for Zelda. That's a shame.

I've always been kind of terrible at the games, myself (even as I've played most of them, I've only managed to complete Super and Fusion, neither with any sort of speed or thoroughness), but I certainly appreciate the mood they evoke as you play (well-represented in this awesome chestnut of an advertisement).

I'm considering restarting Prime in recognition of this milestone, anyone have similar plans?

Amazingu Aug 7, 2011

I'll make an extra heartfelt attempt to erase Other M from my memory.

longhairmike Aug 7, 2011

imagine the public backlash if the celebration gets mistranslated as "aran nation"

Wanderer Aug 7, 2011

I own the Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy but I keep stalling in my attempts to play it (perhaps because I've already played through Prime 1 and a good chunk of prime 3). Now seems like the time to pull it out...

Darkheim Aug 8, 2011

Well, I've missed the date, but I'll certainly warm up the ol' GBA and plow through Metroid: Zero Mission for nostalgia's sake.

Boco Aug 8, 2011

Smeg wrote:

I hate waiting! tongue

Me too! I'm treating it like a combination Metroid 25th / Christmas gift. At least it won't go forgotten!

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