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James O Oct 5, 2006

A friend lent me Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the DS and I gotta say I shoulda probably played this game earlier heh.  I'm confused with trying to sift through all the messages here about the soundtrack for it though, so I just wanted to know if all there is is just the doujin album and the orchestrated one that came out at the end of Sept for the Tokyo Game Show?

HamandSushi Oct 5, 2006

There are a RIDICULOUS number of Gyakuten soundtracks on the Japanese iTunes.  Probably not more for that specific remake, though.

Qui-Gon Joe Oct 5, 2006

As far as actual CDs, the original two GBA games got a combined ost and 3rd got its own.  There was also a release for the DS version of the first game (with new music and [I think] upgraded sound quality on the original pieces) that you can get at  It's annoyingly hard to find otherwise, seeing as that disc never got shipped to normal retailers in Japan (like the Aria/Dawn of Sorrow soundtrack... grr!).

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