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the_miker Jun 29, 2014

This soundtrack rules.  I'm only a few levels into the game but Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage) is my favorite track so far.  It's got such an upbeat NES Mega Man feel to it.

Oh and speaking of NES, Jake also released a true NES soundtrack for Shovel Knight.. as an actual NSF file! big_smile

Angela Jul 9, 2014

Strike the Earth!, In the Halls of the Usurper, and The Fateful Return. 

virt, you magnificent bastard, you.

GoldfishX Jul 10, 2014

Only reason I haven't lapped this up yet is I'm waiting for a chance to run through the game and hear everything in context.

FuryofFrog Aug 4, 2014

La Danse Macabre is the standout track for me. Another impressive showing from Virt.

Amazingu Aug 5, 2014

TerraEpon wrote:

I'd actually give  it a listen if it weren't in mono.
But it is, so fail.

Unless my ears are totally going crazy, I'm pretty sure this is stereo.

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