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Bernhardt Oct 27, 2007

One simple question I'd like to ask: SHOULD I get it?

I liked the all get-out of the Suikoden IV soundtrack, and Rhapsodia seems to offer re-arrangements of some of the same pieces; I've gotten about two hours into the actual game so far, and what I've heard, I've liked, even if nothing's really struck an impression on me...YET, but does it get any better?

Bernhardt Oct 27, 2007 (edited Oct 27, 2007)

McCall wrote:

Yes it does get better. One of the best Suikoden OSTs, especially in terms of sound quality.

Though I recommend Suiko I, II and V above anything and everything. smile

I've gotten all of the Suikoden arrange albums, if I want music from the first two Suikodens;

otherwise I'm not too receptive of music for which I haven't even played the game, and probably will never have the chance,

but I'll vouch for Suikoden V's soundtrack: definitely my favorite, just given the professionalism of the audio quality.

Suikoden IV is nice and relaxing, but wouldn't have made an impression on me had I not played the game.

Suikoden Tactics / Rhapsodia seems to be wrapping nicely on all fronts of gameplay, music, and plot. It's definitely keeping me going easily.

Think Final Fantasy Tactics, but not as obscenely difficult.

GoldfishX Oct 28, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

Suikoden IV is nice and relaxing, but wouldn't have made an impression on me had I not played the game.

That's basically what I thought about Rhapsodia. Except I didn't play the game. Best part of the whole soundtrack was the arrange of "Beautiful Morning" from Suikoden II.

I greatly enjoyed much of Suikoden V's soundtrack, but the audio quality isn't an aspect I would praise...Especially compared to the rich, streamed audio of Suikoden 1. If those aren't live instruments on that whole soundtrack, they're fiendishly close to it. None of the arranged albums have done it justice.

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