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Nemo Dec 26, 2006

I never got around to checking these out after part 2, any good?

GoldfishX Dec 26, 2006

Very much so...Both have plenty of excellent rock tracks and memorable stuff. 3 (Telos) is more of a mixed bag, with the good stuff dispersed a little unevenly and a bunch of drama taking up space on disc 2 (why!?), but 4 (Physis) is gold from top to bottom.

I would probably place Physis second behind ZX Tunes in the "Remastered" series, followed by "Idea" (RMZ2), then "Telos"...I never thought the first RMZ OST was anything special, so the Remastered tracks never did much. But the other four are easily some of the better arranged albums in recent memory.

Zane Dec 26, 2006

I haven't heard ZX yet, but as far as Zero 3 and 4 go, GX pretty much hit it on the head. Remastered Zero is a bit of an anomaly (very odd, at least), and Idea is pretty solid. Physis rocks, and is my favorite of the Remastered albums. Telos is a disappointing mixed bag, for sure, with lots of filler faux symphonic-dramatic-too-much-brass mood tracks surrounding the more rockin' tunes. It's a pretty manic listen, and I end up only enjoying maybe ten or twelve of the songs on the discs. And drama tracks are bunk.

XLord007 Dec 26, 2006

Remastered Zero CD Series Ranking:

1. Idea (2)
2. Telos (3)
3. ZX Tunes (ZX)
4. Physis (4)
5. Zero (1)

That said, the top four on this list are all amazing and more or less equally worth owning.  You can do without the original Zero remaster, however.

Ozar Dec 29, 2006

I'm shocked that so many are giving Telos such a low placing.

Infiltration II, man! INFILTRATION II! sad

(My Winamp Library puts that way the hell at the top of Recently Played items, at 124 times.)

Anyway, I personally dislike ranking them, except for the original which I would place last in any list. 2-4 + ZX are all good.

ZeroZX Jan 3, 2007

Hmm, my ranking is like this:

1. Idea (RMZ2)
2. Telos (RMZ3)
3. Physis (RMZ4)
4. ZX Tunes (RMZX)
4. Zero (RMZ)

I think the Idea Tracks has the best tracks of them all, for example "Power Bom", that's a great track oder in the ZX Tunes the track "Rockin' On", i like this rock tracks, from those Remastered Tracks.

Fcalza Jan 27, 2007

Does anyone know if I can find any guitar tabs for some of this music. My band I love these tunes, especially MAX HEAT from physis. We'd like to cover it and maybe get inti creates a little publicity, this music is fantastic after all. If anyone knows, plz email me or post a reply.

Zane Jan 27, 2007 (edited Jan 27, 2007)

Max Heat is pretty simple to play...

The intro is something like:

G  2                2     2                       2                2 2
D  2                2     3                        4               4 3                 3 / 5 5 5
A  0 00000000 0 00 0 000000000000 0 00000000 0 0 00000000 3 / 5 5 5
E                                                                                          1 / 3 3 3

The rest of the song is all based on F5 / G5 / A5, so the power chords shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I'm not going to tab out the melody though... too much stuff to transcribe. Hopefully my awful tab will give you a good start, though!!

EDIT: all those 0000000s on the A string are palm muted

Fcalza Jan 28, 2007

Yea I figured they would be. I already tabbed out the Lead more or less by ear. The only thing I can't figure out is the time signature, is it 8:4?

Smeg Jan 28, 2007

8/4? You made that up. I'm not familiar with the music in question, but there's no reason I can think of to notate like that instead of 4/4.

Ashley Winchester Mar 6, 2007 (edited Mar 6, 2007)

I just finished listening to Physis a couple of times and I personally though it offered much more than the first and third remastered albums (my copy of Idea is on it's way so I can't make a comment on it as of yet) as far as variety goes. Of course, that probably has a lot to with the fact Ippo did most of RMZ1 & RMZ3 and RMZ4 has more composers. As of now I'd say:

(1) Physis
(2) Telos
(3) Zero


Oh, and Ippo, can we PLEASE but "Crash" to bed already! I don't mind 1 & 2's but Crash III and IV are like that girl in your neighborhood that has been "around". If there is ever a Crash V I'm gonna hurt someone!

Fcalza May 9, 2007

For the record, 8:4 is a legitimate time signature, but you are right, it is 4:4.

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