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POPOBOT5000 Feb 15, 2006

With MightyToaster's thread having jostled some of your N64 soundtrack memories, I have a question of my own regarding a specific N64 track.

I have the domestically released "Nintendo 64 Original Soundtracks" (also known as "Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits"), and it has two tracks from Star Fox 64 (that were never actually from Star Fox 64, unless I'm mistaken). The first track is a remix of the original Star Fox's Corneria stage theme; this CD famously has one second of the track completely blank. However, I've come across an MP3 of this track that doesn't have this gap, leading me to believe this remix has appeared on another CD. Can anyone tell me if it has, and if so, which CD it is?

Thanks in advance!

GMR entry on the domestic release:
Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits

XISMZERO Feb 15, 2006

I came across this awhile back and did some investigating. It's the same Corneria arrangement on the "Star Fox" (TECD-25275) album arranged by Kisho Yamanaka. Worry not, you haven't missed anything except on this CD (like most American game music albums) I don't believe they credited Yamanaka or anyone else.

POPOBOT5000 Feb 15, 2006

Ah, thank you very much. Looks like the Black Hole track was taken from that Star Fox album too. You're right, this CD doesn't credit Yamanaka, or anyone else for that matter. Between the complete lack of liner notes/credits, recording error, mistitled tracks, and even a missing track, this is one helluva monument of mediocrity. :-p

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