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Angela Mar 19, 2007 (edited Mar 20, 2007)

Kicking off what I'm calling the official "Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End" thread is the worldwide release of the trailer.  Needless to say, the movie is the single most highly anticipated thing I'm looking forward to this year. 

The trailer is monstrously kickass, as to be expected.  There looks to be epic battles aplenty, and as the producers themselves stated, there's going to be more ship-to-ship skirmishes involved.  Chow Yun-Fat looks like a natural pirate, and as for the rest of the principle cast (which includes the likes of Pintel, Ragetti, Tia Dalma, and Norrington), it's been said that they're all going to have pivotal, character-defining moments in the film.  There's a feeling of finality to the whole trailer, and as the last leg of what is now considered a trilogy, I hope the movie delivers in the end.  Most are going to disagree with me based on the general consensus of the last two films, but I'm hoping this one actually turns out even longer in length, in order to resolve the series proper.  There's just so many story arches going now that two and a half hours just doesn't seem long enough to wrap it all up.  (For the record, Bruckheimer had stated that the first cut of the film was three hours long.  I wouldn't say no to that.  ^_^) 

My favorite part of the trailer?  Definitely the shot of Jones and Sparrow dueling on top of the ship's mast toward the end.

Idolores Mar 20, 2007

I'm definitely looking forward to this. Pirates are awesome, and Johnny Depp makes them doubly so.

However, I will not be looking at trailers, or previews, or screenshots if I can help it. I'd rather go into the film with my own eyes and not have my judgement tainted by what I see, read, or hear about on the 'net. I've been doing this with games lately, too.

Ryu Mar 20, 2007

I'm assuming whoever reads this has seen Dead Man's Chest:

The weakness of the second movie was not just its length... the movie itself is subpar compared to the first.  Jones is crap and whatever the guy's name is with the wig had absolutely NOTHING on which to make you care (or I would recall his name).  Here's hoping that changes in this next one.  As for redeeming the second, Barbossa coming down those stairs made that movie worthwhile, but it was nothing but a bunch of build-up to a climax that resolved nothing---in fact, it's climax was nothing more than big dose of build-up.  I'm assuming it's just going to be even MORE build-up from the second AWE starts until it starts to wrap-up two hours later.

Still, I'll be at the midnight showing of AWE, I'm sure, so don't let my complaining make me seem all that jaded.  And the Disney site's presentation of that trailer is like a slideshow as it gets going on my computer; I had better luck here for those with similar issues:

Angela Mar 20, 2007

And here's another link to the trailer -- a 62 MB .mov, 720p, and downloadable.  It's much, much better than the Disney one: …

I think the problem a lot of people had going into Dead Man's Chest was thinking that it was going to be a stand-alone sequel, instead of a two-parter.  We have the introduction of Beckett, Jones, and the re-introduction of Barbossa; doubtless that all of these elements are just build-up.... but based on what we now know about AWE, I'm surprised that DMC is still receiving the "it resolved nothing" reputation.  Things aren't meant to be resolved yet, because that's what the next film is setting out to do.  If it can do that, then I would think they'd have pulled off the two-parter concept successfully.

Ryu Mar 20, 2007

Empire Strikes Back was in the same situation as DMC and was able to be fulfilling.

Angela Mar 20, 2007

I dunno, I would place DMC on the same level as ESB, as far as providing a fulfilling climax that ultimately does what a middle movie in a trilogy is supposed to do; make you want to see the third film.

When you think about it, there is a certain level of resolve to be found in DMC.  The focal story centers around Jack trying to avoid inevitable death -- and inevitably, he doesn't.  The ironic thing is, if he DID escape death (as the ideal case would typically be), that would be seen as even less of a resolve to the overarching plot.

Ryu Mar 21, 2007

We'll have to just agree to disagree, because we could keep this going.  As for escaping death, he was only momentarily inconvenienced as Barbossa's return and the cliffhanger suggests.

I'm guessing my perception will change of DMC after seeing AWE.  I hate to imagine what it was like seeing ESB in theaters and having to wait for RotJ for THREE years.  That's a lot worse than 10 months between these two films.

Angela Apr 15, 2007 (edited Apr 15, 2007)

Amazon's updated their site with the At World's End soundtrack.  Set to release on May 22nd, there's no tracklisting at this point, though they do have the album cover up. (I wouldn't be surprised, though, if they went with the multi-cover inset route for this one, like they did with the regular Lord of The Rings scores - showcasing various individual characters from the film.)

Ryu Apr 15, 2007

^ Yeah, considering they have all those movie posters of the various characters.

Angela Apr 18, 2007

Angela wrote:

(For the record, Bruckheimer had stated that the first cut of the film was three hours long.)

Word is that the final cut will indeed be close to the three hour mark; 170 minutes, a "whole thirty minutes longer than The Curse of the Black Pearl, and twenty minutes longer than Dead Man’s Chest." … hours-long

And in related news, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the film's currently in mad-crunch mode to get completed.  "It's a race to the wire for all the special effects. But, in its current state, it's quite spectacular.  .... I don't think it's locked yet, but it's at least as long as Pirates 2, and probably longer.  "Because Gore Verbinski had to tie up all the stories and wanted to use as much footage as he could," an insider tells me. (Internet rumors claim P3 is clocking in at 2 hours, 50 minutes.)  Not only does that limit the number of times per day the pic can be shown in theaters, it's also an audience buzz-kill. The good news, however, is that Pirates 3 completes the story arc begun by the previous two. Even though P2 made gobs of money, it was not seen as especially satisfying by both critics and moviegoers. "Everybody was mindful of that," a source tells me. "But if you invested in 1 and 2, then the third one is the payoff. All the story lines come together, all the loose ends get tied up, all the mysteries become clear to you." One way Disney execs accomplished that was to go back and read every review of Dead Man's Chest and "isolate what we thought people didn't like about the movie," an insider says. "The vast majority of the negative remarks was that it felt like it was setting up the third one, which in fact it was." So Disney will market At World's End as the final installment in a trilogy, like Lord Of The Rings did with The Return Of The King. … d-300-mil/

Crystal Apr 23, 2007

My friend knows someone who was a prop master on AWE.
But they didnt make that many bone cages.
He said that not all of them make it out alive.
I read the book; So if the movie follows the book, I'm already sad.
They will have killed off that person who i always felt for.

About DMC: 
But when Elizabeth sent Jack to his death, it was depressing.
and it did not make me want to see more of the series.

The first movie can stand on its own.
it was really unneccessary to make a sequel/series.

Angela Apr 26, 2007 (edited Apr 26, 2007)'s got the tracklisting up.  It's legit, Zimmer's own site confirms it:


01. Hoist the Colours
02. Singapore
03. At Wit's End
04. Multiple Jacks
05. Up Is Down
06. I See Dead People in Boats
07. The Brethren Court
08. Parlay
09. Calypso
10. What Shall We Die For
11. I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time
12. One Day
13. Drink Up Me Hearties

Ryu Apr 26, 2007

I wish they would release complete scores for the PotC movies.

Angela Apr 27, 2007

Ryu wrote:

I wish they would release complete scores for the PotC movies.

I hear you.  Or, at least embellish a little more on the current releases; there's definitely enough CD space to have squeezed in a few more cues.  One of my personal favorites from DMC was the summoning of the Kraken, which was mercilessly cut from the album.  The cleanest recording I'd gotten was from the Best Buy Exclusive Bonus DVD, where they played it over some of the behind-the-scenes footage.  It's got a bit of Verbinski talking in it, but it's better than nothing:

Dead Man's Chest - Summon The Kraken

The omission of the end credits was the biggest disappointment.   I absolutely loved that Jack Sparrow action theme arrangement that was interpersed with the new version of "He's A Pirate."  There's also a neat solo-organ version of Jones' Theme featured as well.  Heck, the whole ending is such a massively entertaining listen, that I spliced together the ten minute CD recording of "Hello Beastie" with the nine minute credits from the DVD; in essence, the "complete" version of the finale.  Check it out:

Hello Beastie & End Credits

Ryu Apr 27, 2007


Angela May 2, 2007 (edited May 13, 2007)'s got the first few samples of the soundtrack up, in 64kbps quality.  It's sounding damned good so far.

"One Day" appears to be a potent rearrangement of the Jack's Arrival cue -- the one when he first arrived in Port Royal on the leaky boat in the first movie, and in the second when he breaks out of his coffin.  (Which leaves the question as to how his arrival scene -- if there should be one -- will play out in the third.  I see a lot of potential for when he's in the Locker. ^_^)

"Drink Up Me Hearties" is undeniably the ending theme; nice transition from the Jack's Arrival cue to the latest version of "He's A Pirate."  I'm also pleased they've kept the end credits thematically-consistent by finishing all three films with He's A Pirate -- gives off that sort of Star Wars Main Titles ending flair. ;)'s supposed to have even more samples and impressions up for tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Ryu May 3, 2007

The only one to which I listened was "Drunk Up Me Hearties"... I agree with your assessment.  I hope that they do put the End Credits track on the OST for once.

Wanderer May 3, 2007

Yuck. While I wasn't expecting the score to be any better than the first two, I really wish Zimmer would dump the synths. It makes the music sound cheaper than it already is.

Angela May 3, 2007 has their First Listen feature up now.  I won't even bother with the samples at this point, but the track-by-track write-up is, as always, an excellent read.  (Do be careful with "Calypso," however; there's an implied spoiler within the analysis.)

Can't wait to hear "I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time" - undoubtedly the track for the final, climactic showdown of the film, and the ultimate congregation of themes. :)

Ryu May 3, 2007

Ugh, that site doesn't work for me.

Angela May 6, 2007

Ryu wrote:

Ugh, that site doesn't work for me.

Here's a zipped file with all the samples in mp3 format; the sound quality is downgraded a bit from the original QT-encoded files, and the volume output is a little too high for some of them, but I'll take anything for an early taste of Pirates lovin':
I'm really enjoying the new main theme, heard most prominently in "I See Dead People In Boats" and "Up Is Down."  The melody has a hint of emotive tragedy not unlike Star Wars EP2's Across The Stars, and as's write-up states, it's "versatile enough to work both as tender romance and strong heroic action." I know these scores don't exactly border on the typical high sea-faring adventure sound that's to be expected for these films, but I'd say the arrangement heard in "Up Is Down" borders very close to achieving that.

Ryu May 6, 2007

Thanks, Angela!

Angela May 8, 2007

AICN's Moriarty has his detailed write-up from his visit to the editing room.  Like the Dead Man's Chest write-up before it, there are potential story spoilers to be found, so tread carefully: 

Here's some of what's been said:

"Last year, at the start of June, I visited the editing room where Gore Verbinski was hard at work trying to finish PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2: DEAD MAN’S CHEST. I got my first look at the finished Davy Jones in that room, my first sense of the larger world that the filmmakers were trying to create. I was enthused about what I saw, and I thought the final film was pretty damn fun. I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the second movie, but I absolutely stand behind what I said then: I think these are dense entertainments, and I like the complex juggling routine that Elliott and Rossio have set up for themselves as screenwriters. The ultimate artistic success of this series depends on how this third film plays out. The second film introduced about a half-dozen story threads that have to play out now, and this new movie is all about how those threads are completed. Can this team stick the landing?"

"... Of course, that’s not the only thing the film has to accomplish. There’s a reason this one is skirting the three hour mark... they’re going to resolve everything they’ve put into motion, and just like with DEAD MAN’S CHEST and the first film, there’s even a little bit of extra movie at the very, very end after all the credits." 

"I was amazed by the scale of this final film in the series. In the hour or so that I was shown from the film, the most amazing stuff by far was from the end of the film. You’ve seen a hint of it in the trailers, with the ships fighting back and forth across a giant whirlpool. That scene starts outrageous and then just keeps getting bigger and bigger and wilder and more insane. There are things going on all over the place, different planes of action and comedy and drama playing out."

"Right now, I’m confident that what we’re getting is a fitting end to this trilogy. I think you have to think of this and DEAD MAN’S CHEST as two parts of a film, that the first part was all set-up and this one is all pay off. At least, that’s what I hope it is. For now, I think this looks like a really satisfying third entry in a series, and about as much bang for the buck as anything any studio’s releasing this year."

Ryu May 13, 2007

D'oh, I didn't see that earlier somehow.  Now the link doesn't work for me in either Opera or IE7.

raynebc May 13, 2007

That's a reason that I use Firefox.  It works with pretty much all PROPERLY created web pages that aren't explicitly designed to only work with a vendor-specific browser (especially Internet Explorer and ActiveX).

Ryu May 13, 2007

raynebc wrote:

That's a reason that I use Firefox.  It works with pretty much all PROPERLY created web pages that aren't explicitly designed to only work with a vendor-specific browser (especially Internet Explorer and ActiveX).

Thanks, at least the link is working today and it says "This file has expired."

Ryu May 13, 2007

Angela wrote:
Ryu wrote:

Thanks, at least the link is working today and it says "This file has expired."

Sorry you missed out on the file.  Here, I put it up on the Briefcase: … c.&.view=l

Thanks for being so awesome, Angela.  Downloading it now.

Angela May 14, 2007

Merchandise, ahoy!  In addition to the soundtrack, I'm planning on picking up the following books, both of which are scheduled for 5/22:

Bring Me That Horizon: The Making of the Swashbuckling Movie Trilogy and The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean.

I also recommend the Complete Visual Guide, which I really should've waited for this year instead of picking up the first printing from last year.  (Last year's, of course, only covered the first two films.)

And, I know I shouldn't even consider these, but damn it, they're just so ADORABLE: COSBABIES!

Ryu May 14, 2007

No Barbossa Cosbaby?  Davy Jones is for crap.  Guh.  Just a head's up, apparently the movie starts on Thursday 5/24 at 8pm in some areas.  You might want to check Fandango or your local theater to find out if tickets are for sale yet.

Angela May 14, 2007

Ryu wrote:

No Barbossa Cosbaby?  Davy Jones is for crap.  Guh.  Just a head's up, apparently the movie starts on Thursday 5/24 at 8pm in some areas.  You might want to check Fandango or your local theater to find out if tickets are for sale yet.

I really wanted Barbossa myself.  Maybe he'll be in the second set, along with Liz, Tia Dalma and Norrington. ;)

Are you planning an 8pm yourself, or sticking with the midnight showing?  As obvious as my desire to see this movie the nanosecond it comes out, I still need to opt for Friday night.  I'll make up for that by seeing the film at least one or two more times before the long weekend is over.  ^_^

Ryu May 15, 2007

8pm is best, considering my cousin who is still in high school wants to see it and he really shouldn't be out as late as necessary for a midnight showing.  School doesn't let out for him until 6/8.  So, I'll be doing the 8pm showing, although I'm not complaining to see it early.  I think I'll only see it once in theaters anyway.  300 is the only movie I saw twice in quite a long time (I can't even recall the last movie I saw more than once in the last couple of years) only because I had two groups with whom to see it.

Angela May 19, 2007 has a new thirty minute Podcast interview with Zimmer up.  It's a great listen; he focuses on the making of the AWE score, and best of all, there's plenty of new music samples to relish throughout.  Of particular interest is the announcement of another remix album coming later in June, and Zimmer's own thoughts about playing with the idea of releasing a suite-only album of the Pirates scores.

Check out the interview here:

I can't believe the week of release is finally upon us.  It's been a long ten months, but as you say, it's a whole lot better than the three years between Star Wars' ESB and ROTJ.  Hope you enjoy the film, Ryu!  Would love to hear your impressions by the end. :)

Wanderer May 19, 2007

I've heard the score. It's oddly effective (and for once in a Bruckheimer film, there's actually woodwinds in it!). Easily the best of the three scores.

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