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Ozar Mar 24, 2007

OK, this question probably requires familiarity with the anime show itself, but if you can answer it anyway by all means..

I'm trying to find the music associated, pretty much only to my recollection, with the series of episodes involving Raijuta. There was one piece in particular (Maybe the only piece?) that I'm trying to find. I guess you might call it his "battle" theme, though I certainly cannot say if it is named as such (I doubt it.)

I've tried OSTs 1-4 and haven't heard it. I've begun looking over the Director's Collection and some other things and am beginning to lose hope.

Vaeran Mar 31, 2007

If it's the same piece I'm thinking of (though it's been a while), it's an instrumental version of "Naked Heart", which is an image song by Sanosuke's seiyuu.  The vocal is track 4 on the "Rurouni Kenshin Songs" CD, though I don't know where you'd find a vocal-less version.

Ozar Apr 19, 2007

Hmm.. I'm listening to it, and the short bit before the vocals start really does sound like it might be the one (I found it as "Kokoro no hadake," by the way.)

Vaeran Apr 20, 2007

Which would be Japanese for "Naked Heart", yes. tongue

Ozar Jun 29, 2007


Yeah this is an old thread but I still have yet to find the exact tune I'm looking for and I don't know when to let things go. tongue I think the image song might have been in that arc, but there's something else from there that I'm looking for. If that was it, it's hard to impossible tell with the lyrics.

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