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.59 Mar 30, 2007 (edited Apr 15, 2007)

Composer kt2 (Abandoner, No Reality) recently posted a remastered selection of his music on his homepage, which you can find here:

His name has been dropped a few times on these boards, and since he mentiones on his site that he'd like for people to give his music a shot, I thought I'd post the link. He thought about selling these tracks at the previous Comiket, but really wanted more people to listen to them so instead chose to make them available for download for free. As the tracks are remastered there are some very subtle differences with the album versions. His older albums are kind of hard to come by without access to YJA, so it's a nice chance to enjoy some of his older work. I personally think it's all great and original stuff, and the guy deserves more attention, so please give his music a try smile

Of the two albums advertised on his site ("Lost Child Infinia" and "History Repeats Itself") the latter is available through VGMWorld, while you can order Lost Child Infinia through Amazon Japan.

Zane Mar 30, 2007

kt2 is one of my favorite composers. Thanks for posting the link, Leon! I already have these albums, but I'm eager to hear how they sound remastered.

For those of you who haven't given kt2 a chance, this is a great, FREE method of listening to his music. Enjoy!

.59 Mar 30, 2007

Hi there Zane wink I'd been meaning to let you know about kt2's site (in case you didn't already), so I'm sorry for being late about it, but there you go.

One thing I forgot to mention, for a quick listen you can also check out some samples on kt2's myspace page:

Bill C. Mar 30, 2007

Damn, this makes my day.  kt2 had me at Deeds Not Words, so this is a welcome surprise...

Kaleb.G Apr 2, 2007

I loved kt2's work on Abandoner and Lost Child, so I'm grabbing this now.  Thanks for the info, .59!

Carl Apr 15, 2007

A nice promo compilation! 

kt2's signature style has a gritty & jazzy low-fi atmosphere, with tinges of melancholy & sadness offset with steady rhythms to provide the pace, as if having no choice but to press onward no matter how grim the surrounding circumstances.

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